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About Penis Plugs

Penis Plugs In UK | Best Urethral Toys In UK

Urethral Stimulation Guides Online | Penis Plug Website

What Is A Penis Plug?

A penis plug also referred to as a Urethral Plug or Cock Plug is a men's steel sex toy, or item of erotic jewellery inserted into the urethra which can heighten and increase arousal and intensify orgasm.

Why I Used A Penis Plug

Sex was once, to me, a superstition. An idealistic fantasy that existed within a young school boys mind, and an idea that I was too dumb, too unlikeable, too socially inept that I would ever get a girlfriend, marry and settle down.

Penis Plug Safety

Urethral sounding in the United Kingdom can be a very rewarding experience when done properly. Envision how astonishing it would feel if you could have intense enjoyment both within and outside of your penis at the same time.

What Are Urethral Sound Benefits?

When people think of sounding, they often think of pain and suffering. But did you know that there's more to sounding than that? There are actually a bunch of benefits to sounding and sounding can actually help your sexual experiences, and your sex life.