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Guides To Sounding And Kink

Penis Sounding Guide | Online Guide To Cock Stuffing

Guide To Urethral Stimulation | Advice On Urethral Play

The Art Of Body Modification

Urethral stimulation in its most basic form as the insertion of a steel rod down the eye of the urethra isn't considered to be a body modification. It is considered to be a fetish, and can be involved in a variety of fetish related activities such as medical play, but it is not considered to be a body modification.

Body Mods - Prince Albert Piercings

Genital piercings have become increasingly popular with both men and women. Viewed as a form of individuality, and a secret in the sense that only people one is intimate with would know about them, genital piercings are used for aesthetic and pleasurable purposes.

Ask the Doctor - Penis Plugs

Dear Doc, I've heard of this fetish that's around at the moment called penis stuffing. I've heard that some guys will absolutely love it, and say that it feels amazing and they've never been happier.

Sounding 101 - From A Pro

I've been working in luxury adult stores for almost a decade. If someone had ever said to me when I first started working there that I'd end up shoving pieces of metal down my penis several years later, I would have looked at them with an expression of shock horror and complete and utter disbelief.

Female Urethral Stimulation

Urethral stimulation is not just limited to the pleasure of men. The thing is that urethral stimulation and urethral play are exceptionally popular among people wishing to expand their sexual pleasures and ultimately experience unique and wonderful sensations.