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What Is A Penis Plug?

What Is A Penis Plug | What Is Cock Stuffing

What Is Penis Stuffing | Why Is Penis Stuffing Popular

A penis plug also referred to as a Urethral Plug or Cock Plug is a men’s steel sex toy, or item of erotic jewellery inserted into the urethra which can heighten and increase arousal and intensify orgasm. Using a British Penis Plug or Urethral sound during masturbation feels like being masturbated from the inside out and many plugs can also be used when having intercourse with a lover.

Penis stuffing refers to the act of placing an object down the urethra for stimulation. In the past, people have used a variety of objects but unless it is surgical steel, which is hypoallergenic and safe for the body, there are a variety of risks and dangers that can occur. In simple cases, a q-tip or a tooth brush have been used. In extreme cases wood, and plant materials have also been used, including a long stem rose.

Simply put a penis plug is a piece of material that is inserted into the urethra for stimulation and sex-play.  The most common material used to insert is medical grade stainless steel namely grade 304 as it is hygienic, long lasting and does not rust. This type of steel has been used in medical procedures and it is considered to be the highest grade steel around. Urethral toys come in the same materials as chastity cages and the materials used for insertion are silicone, rubber and glass but the safest and most commonly used plugs are made of steel as mentioned

Although Penis plugs are mainly used by men as the name suggests many women also find stimulation using urethral wands and sounds. Penis plugs are usually considered to be far too short for women and as such are restricted to men.  They are a sex toy than each individual has to explore to determine which one, if any, is the right fit for them.  The use of penis plugs by both men and women has increased dramatically over the past decade and recent surveys indicated that a significant proportion of the Western Male population has experimented with some form of plug, whether that be a specifically designed steel penis plug or a household item.

There are five basic groups of penis plugs and from those there are many variations in style, material and design and these are –


Solid Penis Plugs

Which are the most basic in design and are great for beginners. They come in all shapes and sizes and models that will include sperm stoppers, waved, tapered, ridged, smooth and more. A solid plug is exactly that, a solid piece of metal designed for urethral insertion.



Stainless Steel Hollow Plug

These plugs simply have a hole in the middle that will allow the wearer to masturbate or have sex and be also able to cum through the hole or urinate. These are the perfect plugs if you wish to extend your time wearing them. Surgical steel can be worn for extended periods of play, and these are the perfect style of plug that you can use to accommodate that. When ejaculating through a cum thru hole the hole restricts the semen and many describe the feeling as ‘coming from the inside out’.




Cock Ring With Glans Ring

The plugs have a glans ring attached that will hold the plug in place and also serve as a restrictive ring around the frenulum.  These types of plugs are also great for people with piercings and the most popular is The Prince’s Wand and Prince Albert Plug also known as the British Policeman’s Nightstick,



Steel And Silicone Penis Plug



Ridged Penis Plug

As the popularity of cock plugs continues to rise the different way you can use the does too.  Now available are buddy plugs where two individuals in love, or lust, will share the same plug allowing joint urethral stimulation. It takes a special and unique philosophy in order to share with such a fetish, and it can be an incredibly intimate moment A major factor to consider with this type or plug and with all plugs is hygiene.

The list of retailers selling penis plugs is huge and it is a daunting task for a first timer trying to work out what penis plug is right for you as, let’s face it, the thought of inserting a foreign object down the eye of your cock for the very first time will take a great deal of courage and is certainly not for the faint hearted.  However if you take the Penis Plug Train via the correct London tunnel you may find it is a safe and exhilarating experience.  Although you may think that it is going to hurt that very first time if you allow yourself to relax you may find the exact opposite as the mixture of pleasure and pain is quite exquisite. Women will be very familiar with this sensation as they experience sexual intimacy for the first time, now men can feel that trepidation, and that sensation.

Should you manage to ejaculate that very first time with your plug in place you will experience what only other plug users know, coming from the inside out which is a totally different sensation to a standard orgasm.   Experienced plug users prefer to have regular sex with a penis plug in.

Whatever you choose to do, if you are going to try using a penis plug buy from a reputable seller.  Nobody can realistically describe the sensations you will discover.