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Solid Penis Plug

Solid Penis Plug

Guide to Solid Urethral Toys In The UK

Solide Penis Plug
Surgical Steel Cock Plug

Exploring the Pleasure of Solid Penis Plugs

A solid penis plug is a type of urethral sex toy designed to create erotic pleasure when inserted into the urethra. It enhances arousal and intensifies orgasms during masturbation. Typically, these plugs are crafted from rust-proof surgical steel, though silicone variations are also available.

Materials and Properties

Solid penis plugs are primarily made from a shaft of material that has been crafted from rust-proof surgical steel. However, silicone sounds are also popular due to their flexibility; they can bend slightly, offering a different kind of stimulation compared to the rigid surgical steel sounds.

Design Features of Solid Penis Plugs

Solid penis plugs in the UK are completely solid and are mainly used by men to delay ejaculation. This delay can enhance the sensation during orgasm, providing thrilling pleasure. Unlike hollow or ‘cum-through’ penis plugs, solid plugs do not have an opening. The design and size of the plug are generally based on personal preference. When selecting a plug, ensure the open-ended part is smoothly finished at the insertion edges to avoid discomfort. Additionally, the walls should not be too thin to prevent any sharpness during insertion. It’s crucial to ensure there are no burrs on the ends or loose particles inside the plug.

Usage and Safety

Solid plugs often have better-rounded ends with tapered tips compared to their hollow counterparts, making them easier and safer to insert. For first-time users, solid plugs are recommended over open types due to their ease of use and minimal risk when used correctly. During ejaculation, care must be taken as solid plugs can restrict the exit of fluids, posing certain risks.

Considerations for Beginners

When choosing a plug, width is an important factor. Beginners should opt for plugs not exceeding 6mm to 7mm in width. The length should generally range from 40mm to 70mm, with those reaching 100mm classified as wands. Keeping the plug in place can be challenging, especially for first-time users, as the urethral muscles may tend to push it out. Many designs include narrow shoulders at the end for the urethra to grip around.

Additional Features for Stability

Some designs inspired by British and European styles incorporate glans rings to aid in positioning stability. The ring sits on the glans inside the penis, adding external force to hold the plug in place. Alternatively, a small rubber ring can be used. A significant design feature in many solid penis plugs is the stopper, which prevents the plug from going further into the urethra than intended. Some designs feature an umbrella-shaped form to help control insertion depth.

Material Choices and Maintenance

While smooth stainless steel designs are preferred for their sleek, mirror-like finish, glass and silicone options are also available. However, cleaning these materials can be more challenging. A solid penis plug not only provides a pleasurable sensation but is also straightforward to use, making it a popular choice among enthusiasts exploring urethral play.

Solid Penis Plugs
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The Different Types of Solid Penis Plugs

Solid penis plugs come in various types and styles, each designed to offer specific sensations and functionalities. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the different types of solid penis plugs available:

1. Standard Solid Plugs

  • Description: These are the most basic form of solid penis plugs, typically straight and smooth. They are designed for straightforward insertion and provide a basic level of stimulation.

2. Tapered Solid Plugs

  • Description: Tapered plugs feature a gradual increase in diameter from the tip to the base, making insertion easier and more comfortable, especially for beginners.

3. Textured Solid Plugs

  • Description: These plugs come with various surface textures, such as ribs, bumps, or spirals. The added texture enhances stimulation as the plug moves in and out or when it’s rotated.

4. Curved Solid Plugs

  • Description: Curved designs are meant to target specific sensitive areas inside the urethra, such as the prostate or other nerve-rich spots, enhancing the intensity of the sensations.

5. Beaded Solid Plugs

  • Description: Featuring a series of bulges or beads along their length, these plugs are designed to incrementally increase in size. Each bead offers a unique sensation upon insertion, providing incremental stimulation.

6. Screw-shaped Solid Plugs

  • Description: These plugs have a helical or screw-like shape, adding a unique twist to insertion. The design can significantly increase sensation and pleasure during insertion and removal.

7. Ball-ended Solid Plugs

  • Description: Featuring a ball or sphere at the end, these plugs are not only visually appealing but also provide a safety feature that prevents over-insertion. The ball end can enhance external stimulation.

8. Jeweled Solid Plugs

  • Description: These plugs come with a decorative gem or jewel embedded at the handle end, adding an aesthetic appeal. They are popular among users who enjoy adding a visual element to their play.

9. L-Bar Solid Plugs

  • Description: With an L-shaped bend near the end, these plugs are designed to lock in place and provide constant stimulation. They are particularly suited for prolonged wear.

10. Handle Solid Plugs

  • Description: Equipped with a handle or loop at the end, these plugs offer better control over insertion and removal, providing ease of use and added safety.

11. Umbrella Solid Plugs

  • Description: These feature an umbrella-like flared end that helps in controlling the depth of insertion and provides a distinct sensation when the flared part passes through the urethra.

Each style of solid penis plug serves different purposes and preferences.