Penis Plugs

Why Use Penis Plugs

Why Use Penis Plugs?

What Does Using A Penis Plug Feel Like?

People enjoy sex, so Why Use Penis Plugs?

Sex was once, to me, a superstition. An idealistic fantasy that existed within a young school boys mind, and an idea that I was too dumb, too unlikable, too socially inept to ever get a girlfriend, marry and settle down. The act of sex was so intrinsically linked within the ideologies of life that I had not once considered the idea of sex as being pleasurable. It was linked to the idea of family, procreation, and to passing on my genes in the hope that my offspring would be just like me.

The vanity and the sweet innocence of a child.

Sex was something I found out about from schoolyard companions who’d never done it or from guardians who attempted to explain it to me in a way that was devoid of pleasure. It was almost a chore in a way. Proclamations that seemed at odds with me as they gesticulated wildly with their wine glasses, or impatiently waved me away with a hand clutching a cigarette. The smoke wafting in my face and causing me to blink.

Sex was something I got from stealing glances at adult movies that I wasn’t supposed to watch. Or a scene that came onto TV without my parents and guardians noticing. It was there in my favorite sitcoms, the idea of sex the insinuation of sex between characters. The astonishment that was had as they leapt from sexual partner to sexual partner.

I never understood it. I understood love to a certain degree, but I didn’t understand what was happening on the TV.

All these things put together formed a treasure chest of the idea of sex. A chest that I would bury down deep into my soul with an X marks the spot on where it was hidden so I could recall it when I thought that I had it all figured out. Many years later, I still don’t.

So What Was Sex Supposed To Be?

All that was left to me at the time was an odd and flawed comprehension of how sex should be. How women and men should be treated within a relationship as I saw the on screen characters echo between what my parents would experience. When I had my first sexual experience, I was left even more confused. And as the sexual encounters wore on, driven by lust, a desire to chase that feeling and sensation the immature mystery continued on. It left me feeling empty. It left me chasing a mystery and it left me feeling as if I was missing something important despite the idea that I was getting enjoyment and pleasure from the experience and encounters. I tried using sex toys for men, masturbators and prostate toys and I still felt lifeless and empty.

Why Use Penis Plugs
Sex For Men

I felt inadequate at times. As if my penis had been hard wired differently from all the talk about sexual experiences that everyone else was happening. Their excitement seemed to scream from the heavens. Whilst I considered myself to be fairly competent in the sex department, I still felt something missing.

How Do I Make Sex More Fun?

With each encounter, and whenever a partner would tilt her head side to side with enjoyment and pleasure, or would snatch an entire fistful of the white bedsheet as we sweated our way through a night of passion at the hotel. I would always consider why they seemed to be having so much more fun than I. As such, sex would leave me feeling as if I could do more, there was a hunger inside of me an insatiable need, desire and suspicion. I would have to break through my comfort zones and discover new sexual experiences that would provide the elation I seemed to be so confused about.

And so. There it came to be. Sitting alone in my bedroom one rainy night, after a date had cancelled, I found myself sliding a long metal tube down and into my penis.

My Introduction to Urethral Sounding Plugs

Urethral sounding plugs are a moderately dark and seemingly scary member of the sex toy family. They are often a long, slim metal barrel designed to slide into the urethra to create a pleasing dilation. That’s right, these rods will slowly expand the urethral walls, if you’re looking to stretch, and they aim to provide unique sensations as they both slide down the walls and then gently stretch it.

Sizes range from 4 to 17 millimeters in roundness, however, there is some variety in this regard with some increasing in size further. The bars come in a variety of shapes—some have a delicate S-shaped curve, while others have substantial cylindrical dumbbells on their tips. Dittles will have flat rectangular ends and others might have some with round edges, and the scariest have serious fishhook bends.

Historical Context of Urethral Sounding

If you’re looking to find out where this practice originated from, there are no solid answers. The best and most educated guess comes from Robert Lawrence, an instructor and board member of the Centre for Sex and Culture based in San Francisco. There seems to be some evidence that the practice was done in Ancient China whereby practitioners of medicine in court would use the tube that had been embedded into their penis to sip and taste fluid—a method which was often used as a demonstration of their wisdom, medical skills, and knowledge.

Surgery Ancient Rome
Ancient Rome Bladder Removal

In Ancient Rome, the practice was more concerned with an exploration of the bladder, a removal of various adhesions from the body. Most recently, the practice is to do with pleasure, joy, and sexual satisfaction. Men have used everything from pens, to sewing needles to long rose stems.

The Pleasure of Urethral Sounding

Does it feel pleasurable?

Well, before we get to my experience, let’s have a look at the urethra. The tissue in the urethra is the same type of skin material that is used on a female’s labia minora, and both of these body parts have a myriad of different nerve endings which can provide an abundance of sensation. Simply put, moving a well-lubricated steel rod down the urethra can be a very pleasurable experience.

But wait, there’s more. There are more wonders and pleasurable mysteries that can be found down here. There are four parts of the urethra that connect the bladder to the penis head, and one of these tracts runs directly to the prostate. The prostate is the pleasure center of the entire male genitalia. The prostate triggers ejaculation and it also triggers the muscle release and tension of orgasm. Stimulation of this part of the urethra, and the subsequent dilation, can trigger an almost instantaneous ejaculation as well as the orgasmic pleasures that come with such stimulation.

Risks and Safety Measures

So, are they pleasurable?

Well, we will be getting to that. There’s more to go through than that. The brain receives pleasure from numerous stimuli, including visual, mental, touch, and hearing. Unlike other sex toys, urethral sounding has an element of danger to it, and is partially in a way responsible for the intense feelings of pleasure that one might derive from using such sexual stimulation.

Unlike other sex toys, there are certain risks and dangers that are associated with the use of penis plugs. A penis plug is entering the urethra, a place that is narrow in depth and can be exceptionally vulnerable to the outside world. It is at risk of infection from foreign bacteria and when used incorrectly the delicate tissue can be torn and or punctured. Which will make them susceptible to the risk of infection.

The sterilization of the sound before each and every use is therefore extremely important. The easiest way to sterilize your new toy is to boil it in water for a period of 30 minutes. If you’re about to sound, then you should also take extreme care in washing your hands and to ensure that you haven’t touched anything that has not yet been washed before you insert anything into your urethra. Some people will suggest the consumption of cranberry juice to help fight off any infection and bacteria—the choice is up to you. There’s very little in the way of evidence that supports this theory.

Courtenay Moore from the Cleveland Clinic acknowledges that cranberry juice has active properties in it which help prevent bacteria from sticking to the urethral walls, however, she notes that there are simply not enough of the properties to prove that it has any overall beneficial effect. It can still be recommended, but as a supplement and not as a cure-all. If you drink cranberry juice, it should only be used as a measure that can provide assistance to the issue of infection. Warm, or room temperature cranberry juice is the best.

Initial Reactions and Medical Perspectives

When I first started considering the idea of sounding, I brought it up with my friends. The majority of them physically recoiled in horror, overpowered by a sickening dread or by the idea that they would potentially be ruining their manhood. Maybe they recoiled in recollection of the memory of a painful chlamydia test which would involve a swab being inserted and rotated. There’s not a lot of information on sounding that exists out there, partially one of the reasons a website like this exists, and the information that is out there is often skewed or painfully unreliable.

There was one survey of 2000 men, 10% of whom had inserted something down their penis and of that group, it was reported that they had a higher rate of STIs in comparison to the rest of the group. Another study, which had been published by the University of South Florida, noted that people who had inserted objects down their penis. They had been taken to the hospital to retrieve such an object were far more likely to have had some form of schizophrenia.

These studies are fragments at best, and despite being medical, should not be taken with that much consideration in mind considering the looseness with which the research was done. The seemingly predisposed position that had been taken. One of the titles of the study was named ‘Now why would you do that?’ The language of this question already insinuates that it’s potentially being directed at a child, and pleasure could not possibly be an answer to this question. These studies were obviously prejudicial and were using an incredibly loose connection between mental state and a specific act of pleasure to make broad accusations as to a personal lifestyle habit.

Experience at Adult Stores

It’s hard not to be consumed by these ideals when you visit some Adult Stores. There are a variety of stores all throughout your local neighborhood which may or may not have dark black drapes hiding their windows and which are seemingly on the edge of extinction. The best bet in this situation is to travel a little while and invariably arrive at the best Adult Store in your neighborhood and one that doesn’t look like it’s a sneeze away from falling down.

I went through the brightly lit store and examined their BDSM range. They carried an extensive range of products and they seemed to know what they were talking about, but I was still very unsure. With each bar that I looked at, they seemed to get bigger and bigger. Even the smallest one that I saw, which was a little bigger than a pen, seemed that it would take an incredible amount of effort and work to get down into my urethra and I contemplated just abandoning all hopes of my adventure and walking out then and there. I held my breath, head held high, and then asked if they had anything that would be smaller as these all seemed a little big.

Why Use Penis Plugs
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The very helpful staff member told me that it might be more beneficial to purchase an entire urethral set, and to be honest, it’s much easier to use a slightly larger one than a smaller one. He saw the look of confusion on my face and expanded the idea. In learner’s hands, the smaller style ones can be dangerous. They might wriggle and move in the urethra and can be more prone to causing rips, punctures, and tears.

Thin bars will have more room to slip and slide around in. The larger ones will actually be held in nice and snug by the urethral walls and will also prevent an inexperienced user from inserting them into the urethra too quickly. Never in my life before did a measly five centimeters look so big and intimidating. What the guy was saying made perfect sense. But it was still playing on my mind, and I was finding it a little difficult to handle.

Personal Use and Reflection

In the end, I bit the bullet, got the one that he recommended, and bought some surgilubricant as well. I grabbed my black plastic bag that only ever seems to exist at alcohol stores and adult stores, and made a hasty escape.

Okay, now to the part that you’ve all been waiting for. Using the sound helped me in remembering the first occasion when I stroked off. I didn’t know what I was doing then either, yet some agreement of sense and mimicry of an immature movement I’d utilized with my school companions consolidated into a relentless and lustful need. Amoment later, a bewildering warmth got through my body as I experienced my first ejaculation and orgasm.

I remember my first thought in the sense that I had overpowered my body and had controlled my body into accomplishing something it shouldn’t have been made to do. The translucent glob of semen saturating my room’s floor was somehow a manifestation of a side effect of something that had been broken inside me. As the shame of my first orgasm washed over me, I felt dirty, and I felt that my body had betrayed me in a sense.

That pool of fluid on the floor became a manifestation, or a side effect of something that had been broken inside me. As the shame of my first orgasm washed over me, I felt dirty, and I felt that my body had betrayed me in a sense.That pool of fluid on the floor became an analogy to a flurry of liquid underneath a car in the carport is an indication of something beginning to go into disrepair.

Preparing for Use

As I sat there patiently waiting for the pot of bubbling water to sanitize the sound, it felt like I was planning for another breaking of something. I thoroughly considered my direction once it had been sanitized, and the efforts that I was going to ensure that I’d stay away from cross-contamination. I had a plan. My right hand would hold the bar and touch nothing else, while my left hand would do the various work: press out lube, lift the cover off the bubbling pot of water, open and close my room entryway, raise sex videos on my laptop. It took nearly an hour to set everything up.

When I finally shut my room door and grasped the pole, an excess of clear lube thickening around its bottom half, I contemplated the way that I was currently going to be penetrated by an object made purely of metal and probably a machine. The majority of the sex toys I’d known were fetishized impressions of another human body in some interesting or abstract way.

Dildos and Fleshlights were immediate representations of genitalia, while penis rings and vibrators evoked in some far-off way the heightened signals someone else might do to you. In any case, I was all alone with the sound—there was no dream of a charming shadow beau when I felt the metal spread open my penis. I was alone except for a piece of metal.

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Experiencing Urethral Sounding

I know that I didn’t have to do so, but I started the experience with an erection, so I was nice and hard when I first used it. I’d not normally had issues with erections before after having used penis pumps and other cock toys, but this time I was a little nervous and probably not as hard as I could have been. The sound went in with lubrication in an almost effortless fashion, which surprised me.

Those seemingly huge numbers of 5cm didn’t seem so much now as the eye of my penis slid open and engulfed the sound. It wasn’t painful, it wasn’t pleasurable; it was something in between and it was a very odd sensation. The primary feeling I was feeling was the coldness of the steel, and the way that I could sense that it would not bend or move. There was a feeling of wetness inside me as I slid it down half an inch, waited, then slid it down some more. Everything went slowly and gradually.

It Was Pleasure, But Not?

It was almost the reverse of sex. There was little pleasure, and it was very different. It was strangely methodical, cathartic, and almost therapeutic in a way. It required intense focus for my first time, focusing on moving it a couple of centimeters, then remaining motionless. Waiting for the urethra to open up more and accept what I was giving it. I had never been touched so deeply, so intimately, so intensely. I began to feel what seemed like a burning sensation. A feeling of weakness and one that was distant. But on concentrating on the sensation, I realized that it wasn’t a burning sensation that I could feel. It was my brain struggling to process new stimulation and then work out a way in which to convey that information to me.

I went in as deep as I dared to which was around three inches, as a video of porn and sex played in the background which surprisingly managed to keep me hard. When I reached the end of what I could take with the rod, I gently pulled it out, placed it back in, rocked it back and forth, and tried other motions. I’m still worried and nervous that I’m going to break something else inside my body. And in the end, I hauled it out for the final time, placed it on the towel, and jerked off to the people in the film. In the end, I came.

Reflections and Future Use

Over the next few days, I looked longingly at the rod. I want to play with it. I had never felt the sensations that I had felt when I had first used it. I enjoyed those sensations when my body had become accustomed to them. But my methodical nature had deteriorated some of the pleasure. It was a long process to ensure the safety of my penis. Since using it, and writing this article, I have used it more often. There is great pain and procedure in the setup, but I acknowledge that I am fussy and that I do not compromise.

Only next time I go to use it, I’d love for someone else to be there to handle the sensations with me.