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Female Urethral Stimulation

Female Urethral Stimulation

A Woman’s Guide To Female Sounding

Female Urethral stimulation shows that this kind of enjoyment is not just limited to the pleasure of men. The thing is that urethral stimulation and urethral play are exceptionally popular among people wishing to expand their sexual pleasures and ultimately experience unique and wonderful sensations.

It’s not surprising that urethral sounds and plugs are so popular among sexual fetishists then. It’s long been through that urethral stimulation was a male domain, but it’s quite important to realise that all sorts of women can enjoy this form of stimulation as well. Despite evidence that a male urethra is larger than a female’s urethra, this does not come into play as both male and female can enjoy urethral stimulation.

Female Urethral Stimulation
Male Urethral And Female Urethral Chart


The Excitement Of Urethral Stimulation

On the basic level, urethral stimulation works in a very similar way for men and women. The stimulation is based on the idea that inserting an object into the urethra has the capacity to produce very specific and intense sensations. A form of stimulation with which many people find to be quite passionate, pleasurable and even exciting.

So what’s the big deal?

Urethral stimulation has the capacity to massage some of the body’s most intense and intimate parts all from a different location and way from normal. This in of itself can cause a very pleasurable effect. Generally speaking, urethral stimulation works very similar to both men and women. They are both based on the fact that inserting objects into urethra produces a very specific sensation, which many people find exciting and pleasurable. Even more, urethral stimulation massages some of the most sensitive spots in the body, but from a different place than usual, which can produce very arousing effect.

Therefore, it’s not strange thing to consider that some people want to try urethral stimulation. Some couples even use urethral stimulation on each other to increase the passion in their relationship. Usually believed to be a male only sport, women are now getting on the bandwagon.

Now, it does kind of make sense that it’s been traditionally viewed as male only. The male urethra is a natural larger and longer orifice than a female urethra, so in this regard, it makes sense as it can easily accommodate for a penis plug or urethral sound. The female urethra is much shorter and thinner in every sense of the word.

But does this mean that women don’t enjoy urethral play?

The answer is a resounding no!

Urethral Stimulation For Women

Indeed, there are a variety of women out there who love, and experience urethral stimulation and it’s an active part of their sexual experiences. Some women will even utilise sounding with the use of a vaginal pump to further increase their stimulation, arousal and sensitivity. That’s right. There are many women out there who can use sounds, and who love sounding and other forms of urethral play.

Keep in mind that it’s certainly a pleasurable experience. With urethral stimulation in men, it can result in prostate stimulation. In women it can actually help stimulate the clitoris. Both have numerous benefits.


Well, don’t forget that the clitoris is far more interconnected to female genitals than previously thought. In fact, it is argued in recent reports that the G-spot is actually an extension of the clitoris. This is why some women can have full body orgasms. In this sense, the clitoral region is not just a centre in of itself but is connected, and a part of, the female arousal system and ultimately the entire female pleasure system.

Despite this, the act and art of urethral stimulation is different in both men and women. This needs to be taken into consideration. The difference mainly stems from the idea that the male urethra is longer and wider than the female urethra, which is shorter. Women, when sounding, need to take great care in this regard because there is a much greater risk of urinary tract infections and urethral injuries if sounding is done in a careless and thoughtless manner. Sounding, whether it’s male or female, needs to be done both carefully and gently.

Owing to the fact that a female’s urethra is smaller, this means that there needs to be a prolonged session of training and urethral stretching. A urethra, as you might well know, needs to be slowly and carefully stretched in a gradual fashion so that it can become accustomed to the receiving of penis plugs and larger sounds. This is why it’s vital to start small, but not too small, and then slowly work your way up from there.

Female Urethral Toy

Owing to the nature of the size of the female urethra, start urethral stimulation with the smaller toys that you can find. It might be handy to try and get your hands on a specialised female urethral toy and begin from there. Generally the goal is twofold, you want to begin training and learn how to stretch your urethra. This allows you to succumb to the varying pleasures that it provides you with.

Vibrating Urethral Wand
Buy Urethral Sounds For Women

Try this slowly and gradually. Like men, women might struggle to find the stimulation arousing at first, due to the very different sensations that it provide. Ift you’re enjoying the stimulation that urethral sounding provides you might decide to go bigger, and begin learning the sensations that bigger urethral stimulation can provide.

Once you have learned how to stretch,  you might be able to find that your urethral tube will be able to take regular sounds and plugs. It might not be a good idea to use the same plugs that your partner uses, there still might be the opportunity to share some of the plugs. Keep in mind that shared urethral stimulators will need to be sterilised between partners to avoid contamination, nor will you be able to go as deep as what a male urethral stimulation can go.

Stretching And Dilation

In time, you will be able to use regular urethral toys once you have properly trained and stretched your urethra. All you will need is a little patience, a lot of lubricant and good quality urethral toys that have been specially designed with this purpose in mind. Never try and insert a toy that has not been specifically made for urethral play. This can be both dangerous and painful. Safety is paramount in this regard.

Many women find it beneficial to masturbate before using urethral toys until orgasm is achieved. After orgasm, your urethra will be at its most relaxed and biggest, meaning that this is the best time to use a urethral toy. The post orgasm bliss can be beneficial for helping your frame of mind deal with the differing sensations that urethral stimulation can provide. It is important to note that there is a time frame in this, as your urethra will return to its original size shortly after orgasm, so it is not recommended that you play with the toy for the first time when you are not in a state of arousal.

Learn To Be Aroused

Urethral stimulation enjoyment comes from the ability to massage the area, which can send intense and pleasurable sensations throughout your body. It is for this very reason that urethral sounding is a part of the arousal build up and the sexual activity, as opposed to engaging in urethral stimulation after arousal.

If you find that the sensation is too intense after an orgasm, then you need to masturbate until you are close to orgasm. Be on the brink or orgasm, but not quite there. You might want to use your fingers and hands, or you might want to be using a sexual aide until you get highly aroused. Once you have reached a state of high arousal, might be wise to grab a mirror, and then place a lubed urethral sound next to the opening. It doesn’t matter as if you’re an overweight woman, a petite woman, or a woman with no flexibility. The sexual position remains the same unless you have mobility issues.

Using your mirror, gently guide it into place and make a gentle push, do not force it and ensure that you are not using any force. A toy of this type might not just slide in of its own accord, but gentle pushing is a good place to start. During this period you can continue masturbation and providing stimulation to ensure that the area is relaxed and aroused. Do not orgasm, but keep it close.

Don’t Force It – Go With The Flow

Being that this is a very new sensation, and your brain might struggle trying to piece the information together. It might not be very pleasurable, it might feel pleasurable or it might be something in between. Arousal, and a heightened state of arousal will make any discomfort easier to process. This can be the easiest way to learn to become accustomed to new toys and a new sensation. Try to post pone your orgasm for as long as possible, as the delay will give you more time to experiment with your urethral sound.

When you’re ready, bring yourself to climax. Try this with the tip of the urethral toy in your urethra, as this will be a demonstration of pleasures and activities to come. It might not feel pleasurable, it might not feel painful, and your body will need time to adjust to the new sensation and the pleasures. Just go slowly and take one step at a time.

Women Experiencing An Orgasm
Please and Pain – Urethral Play


Finishing The Session

Once you have orgasmed, then take the toy out slowly and then clean it before storing it. Remember that you will need to urinate as soon as possible once you have finished urethral play. This will minimise the risk of urinary tract infections. From there, you will need to give your body a chance to rest, a few hours at the minimum and overnight wherever possible. You could try some more stimulation the next day, or some time over the next few days.

Once you feel that your body is ready, repeat the entire process. Start by masturbating to get aroused, use a mirror to guide the stimulator into place, and then gently push all the while masturbating to keep yourself on the brink of arousal.

Additional Info And Tips

–          Listen to your body. Only you, and you alone, will know when the stimulation and pleasure has become too much, or if there is pain and you need to stop. You might even find that trying to insert the toy on your first session is too much. Don’t worry. It happens.

–          Never force the toy inside. Even if it feels like that you’re not going to have any trouble. You should never use any force, or extended pressure to insert the toy as this avenue is likely to cause trouble and be a recipe for causing damage.

–          The most challenging aspect of this type of play and stimulation is the idea that you need to retain control even when aroused. For this reason it is very important to go slowly, no matter what the level of arousal is. Failure to go slowly can result in harmful practices, and potential damage.

–          After a session you might feel a burning sensation. This is normal and is expected. Prolonged burning, a sensation that persists over multiple days, should be medically addressed.