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Ask The Doctor – Dear Doc,

I’ve heard of this fetish that’s around at the moment called penis stuffing. Some guys will absolutely love it, and say that it feels amazing and they’ve never been happier. Others tell me that the pain is really intense. I don’t quite know what to think and would love some insight into this. I’m a little nervous about the idea of it being painful, but at the same time I think I’d really love it.

This might sound like a weird fetish, but the thing I’d really like to know is that if there is a situation where a guy was restrained, held against his will, and someone inserted these sounds down his penis. What would he do?

I know on one hand that it is illegal, and I have to admit that if it wasn’t I’d probably have already done it. But I am still fantasising about it. So I would like you to give me some details about how sounds feel, how they work and what the guy’s reaction to this would be.

Would he be able to say anything about it?  Could he talk? Or would he be writhing in pain in the corner?

That is the part of this which really fascinates me.  What is real torture like?  Are there long term effects of torturing someone with urethral sounds?

I hope that you can provide me with some valuable insight.



Hey M,

Well first of all, I’d say that you specifically have a rape fantasy fetish. Let’s deal with this one first because it can become problematic, but when done with consent can be refreshing for all involved.

A rape fantasy is a sexual fantasy, key word: Fantasy, which involves an imagining or pretending of being coerced or coercing another into a forced sexual activity. Rape fantasy is actually quite common and in a lot of erotic literature, and indeed one of my ex’s was keenly into rape fantasy. The rape fantasy, where one if forced to surrender or is overpowered, is actually routinely in the top listed fantasies.

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The most important thing here in regards to your ‘against his will’ and the idea of true torture. We must always remember that the cornerstone and the building bricks of BDSM and the sexual rights therein, and sex in general, always lies with the notion of consent.

Always Remember the Foundation of BDSM Play Is Consent

As for the “totally against his will” and true torture aspect, we always have to remember the cornerstone and foundation of sexual rights in BDSM — and sex in general — lies with consent. Fantasy rape, and the more out there sexual activities, despite the fantasy is always consensual.

Even with my ex-partner here, we would speak out the activity, what he was and wasn’t willing to do. He might not have had an exact time of when it was going to occur and more of a vague idea but there were never any surprises in that regard. It was a carefully thought out plan, with negotiations and consent which was always the addressing factor.

If it’s completely against a persons will, then that is a crime. There are significant and very powerful long term effects of non-consensual sexual coercion. This has been documented extensively with victims of rape and sexual abuse and there is an incredibly strong potential for harmful psychological consequences.

I say that and have spent some paragraphs on it because it’s good to hear that you have not compromised the notion of consent.

Sometimes A Fantasy Should Never See The Light of Day

As to your question – I sincerely imagine that he would be very angry and in a world of pain if he was to experience anything like this without the notion of consent. Sometimes, in some cases, a fantasy should be kept in our minds. For example, I’ve always thought about jumping out of a plane stark naked without a parachute and have sex until we hit the ground. But there’s a very clear ending to that, and the reality of that is never so comforting. And so, I keep that one firmly locked away in the fantasy bank.

Man Being Bound
Man In Bondage

Although I feel I might have just killed your arousal buzz that certainly doesn’t mean that you can’t immerse yourself into the urethral play community. From there you can learn the sounding ropes form an experienced mentor and ultimately find play mates who will be consensual partners. Then perhaps have the capacity to enjoy the extra little sadistic kick that you can offer from the acting out of your fantasy.

In that regard, urethral play, which is labelled as sounding, is the insertion of objects such as steel rods and catheters into the urethra for sexual stimulation and erotic purposes. It might sound painful and extremely unpleasant to some people, but there are just as many people which will get a kick out of this. When you’re referring to the pain and pleasure aspect that really depends on the individual.

Sounding Is Often More About Pyschological Aspect – Not the Physical

People that get pleasure from sounding might specifically get it from the painful or physical sensations, or they might also get it from the psychological arousal. There is a power exchange or from the pleasure of pleasing their partner. There’s a myriad of different factors and variables here.

However, as a Doctor, I would definitely recommend that people engaging in this type of play research the body. Having some basic medical training or knowledge and education is helpful. Experience the type of play through a mentorship with an experienced individual so as to decrease the risk of injury, infection and damage to the urethra.

As a urologist that has considerable medical training one can often dilate the urethra using various sounds. This medically is used to find and locate an obstruction and to remove it. At best, there will be no damage done to the urethra, and you’ll be able to continue to enjoy this type of play for many more experiences.

There are no long term side effects for this type of play unless you are engaging in the stretching of the urethra. At worst, with improper care, you can develop an UTI, urethritis and STIs. So play safe.

Good Luck And Play Nice With The Boys.