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Silicone Penis Plugs

The UK Guide To Silicone Urethra Stimulators – Penis Plugs That Bend

Flexible Silicone Penis Plug
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Enjoy Total Pleasure with Silicone Penis Plugs

Silicone penis plugs offer a comfortable alternative to traditional stainless steel versions. They provide a softer yet firm feel, making them very comfortable for users. Most designs include a “stopper” or arch at the end, preventing the device from going too deep into the urethra.

Comfort and Safety Features

Many silicone sex wands can be inserted without piercing your penis, ideal for those who prefer to avoid the discomfort associated with piercings and similar types of penis jewelry.

Versatile Designs for Enhanced Experience

Some models are straight or slightly curved to assist with unblocking urethral obstructions or enlarging the urethra. Additionally, a ball system on the wand can be unscrewed to allow fluid flow. There are various designs available, including popular thru-hole plugs which enable urination or ejaculation through them, and solid types which many men use to delay ejaculation, enhancing the sexual experience and intensifying orgasm sensations.

Personal Preferences and Maintenance

Whether you choose a thru-hole or a solid silicone plug, each has its benefits, and the choice depends on personal preference. However, ensure any plug you purchase has an open-ended section and a sufficiently thick wall to prevent constriction of orgasmic emissions. Also, check that the plug has no burrs on the ends or loose particles inside the silicone thru-hole.

Solid silicone plugs, while not suitable for extended wear like open-ended types, often feature a nicely rounded, slightly tapered tip for easy insertion.

Choosing the Right Size and Type

When selecting these sex aids, consider the width of the penis plug. The standard size is 8 to 10 mm, but if you’re trying them for the first time, you might prefer a smaller size, between 6-7 mm. Plugs designed for beginners are often referred to as “Starter Plugs.” Most plugs have a standard length of 40 to 70 mm, but any penis plug longer than 10 mm is typically classified as a wand.

Enhancing Fit with Glans Rings

To keep your Silicone Penis Plug securely in place, consider using Glans Rings on both sides, or opt for a design with an attached ring assembly. This loop sits just behind the penis glans and can be adjusted for comfort.

Hygiene and Safety Considerations

Silicone is a preferable material for sex toys as it doesn’t absorb bacteria, can be boiled, and is easily sterilized, making it safe for urethral stimulation. Silicone’s flexibility makes it a forgiving choice for those new to urethral toys.

Please remember that silicone-based lubricants should not be used with silicone sounds, as they can degrade the material.

Silicone Penis Plugs
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Different Types of Silicone Penis Plugs

Silicone penis plugs come in a variety of types and styles, each designed to offer unique sensations and fulfill different preferences. Here’s a breakdown of the main types and styles of silicone penis plugs:

1. Standard Silicone Plugs

  • Description: These are the basic models, straightforward and often smooth, designed primarily for those new to urethral play. They provide a gentle introduction to the sensations of urethral insertion.

2. Thru-Hole Plugs

  • Description: Featuring a hollow center, these plugs allow for the passage of fluids such as urine and semen. They are popular for extended wear and can enhance the experience during climax.

3. Vibrating Silicone Plugs

  • Description: Equipped with a small battery-operated vibrator, these plugs offer dynamic stimulation. The vibrations can intensify the sensations experienced during urethral play.

4. Textured Plugs

  • Description: These plugs have various surface textures, such as ridges, bumps, or spirals. The textures increase stimulation and can provide a more intense experience.

5. Curved Plugs

  • Description: Designed with a curve, these plugs are intended to target specific sensitive areas along the urethra or prostate. They are preferred by users looking for a more targeted stimulation.

6. Solid Plugs

  • Description: Solid silicone plugs are completely filled and do not allow for fluid passage. They are typically used to enhance endurance and delay ejaculation, providing a distinct sensation during orgasm.

7. Tapered Plugs

  • Description: These plugs have a conical, tapered shape that makes insertion easier and more comfortable. Ideal for beginners, they gradually expand in girth towards the base.

8. Segmented Plugs

  • Description: Featuring multiple segments or beads, these plugs are designed to increase stimulation progressively as each segment is inserted. They are excellent for those looking to explore depth and sensation control.

9. Long Wands

  • Description: Longer than typical plugs, these silicone wands can reach deeper into the urethra. They are for more advanced users and can stimulate areas further toward the bladder.

10. Adjustable Plugs

  • Description: Some silicone plugs come with adjustable features like removable rings or sliding mechanisms that allow the user to customize the fit and pressure according to their comfort level.

Each style of silicone penis plug offers different benefits and sensations