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Sounding 101 – From A Pro

Sounding 101

Comprehensive UK Sounding Guide

I’ve been working in luxury adult stores for almost a decade and believe I have become a Pro and able to give a Sounding 101 Guide. If someone had ever said to me when I first started working there that I’d end up shoving pieces of metal down my penis several years later, I would have looked at them with an expression of shock horror with complete and utter disbelief. Things do not slide into my cock, I would have told them, my cock slides into things. And truth be told, I would have left it there, and never to think of it again.

But that’s not really how life works out is it?

Fast forward a number of years and here we are. Not only has my perception of pornography changed, indeed I prefer to watch bi-sex porn despite my heterosexuality. And now, here’s me using penis plugs by shoving pieces of metal down my shaft. It is hilarious how times change isn’t it?

This Sounding 101 guide has been written by me with the aim of answering the questions from a beginner cock sounder. For this guide I’ll be using my own mature personal experiences to make sure that you’re not committing the same stuff ups that I did. From there I’ll be making recommendations based on those experiences. Consider it like a short book for ‘sounding for dummies’.

Sounding 101
Beginners Sounding Guide From An Expert

I will acknowledge that there a myriad of different implements and methods that can be used for the insertion of putting things down your penis. For the purpose of this article I will be ensuring that everything is kept fun, clean and safe.

1. Penis Plugs Vs Sounds

Before we proceed in this article we need to understand the difference between sounds and penis plugs. A lot of places, even myself, use the terms interchangeably. I’d like to clarify that up before we proceed, as they are two very different and distinct items in both their form and their function.

Penis plugs are not just a kinky gay man’s activity. Whilst prevalent in gay erotic films, there an equal, if not greater number of straight men that enjoy this kind of play. Previously plugs and sounds were used to differentiate between gay sounds and straight sounds, but this is a misguided approach. Therefore, before we go any further, understand the difference between sounds and plugs. The terms are sometimes used interchangeably, but they are quite different in form and function.

The Similarities

  • Both sounds and penis plugs are used for urethral play
  • Both sounds and penis plugs are inserted into the urethra from the tip of the penis
  • Both sounds and penis plugs can be used to enhance the sexual pleasure

The Differences

  • The penis plug is primarily worn during sexual activities, and masturbation. It is often worn a little like jewellery. Some of these are hollow, and these will allow semen and urine to pass on through.
  • Penis plugs are generally shorted than sounds and can be as small as half a finger in length. They might also have ribs or notches on them to prevent them from falling out and to help keep them in place.
  • Sounds are generally longer, sometimes long enough to reach the bladder and they are primarily smooth.
  • Sounds can be used to move in and out of the penis, similar fashion to providing a massage for the shaft.
  •  Sounds can be used by women
Limit Of Urethral Play
Know Your Limits

2. Three Things That I Learned

A. One of the main issues that I had was the mental block.

Sticking something down your penis isn’t something that everyone can do and there is anewww factor. Kind of like imagining that you can stick yourself with a needle. Once I got over that block, things started to feel pretty great. There’s a difference between using a toy by yourself, and then specifically getting a couples orientated sex toy and having a partner use it on you, and vice versa. In this regard, it was the mental block which inhibited my enjoyment of this, not the mental. There’s certain benefits to using a toy in a relationship or with a partner that you just can’t get elsewhere.

B. Know Your Personal Limitations

I like to consider myself to be a fairly kinky person. I own cock rings, leather gear, male underwear and all sorts of odd items in my drawers. But this was well out of my comfort zones. Cock stuffing, the act of urethral stimulation, rates as pretty high up there on my personal kink scale.

C. Never Try To Save A Dollar – But The Best

Sounding can be a little pricier than some other kinks out there. Yes, I understand that there are a bunch of retailers online that sell cock plugs quite cheaply, but keep in mind that if you’re not obtaining a surgical grade steel piece, then you could be heading into a world of trouble.

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3. What’s Urethral Sounding?

It has a bit of a bad rap, kind of like chastity. Both are regarded as activities of pain and constriction as opposed to the pleasure that they provide. But essentially it’s pretty simple. Sometimes referred to as cock sounding, penis stuffing, cock stuffing or any combination of those things, it’s when you take a metal rod, which is called the sound/plug, and insert that into the urethra.

Primarily used as a source of pleasure and pain – once you’ve beaten the mental block then you can easily accomplish both pain and pleasure. I will say, I’m not usually into the whole pain thing as I prefer to be more dominant in my sexual experiences. But pain in this regard, is unique, it is light and it is certainly something that I can handle.

From my own personal and unique experience, when I had a rod inserted down into the heart of my cock – it made my genitals very sensitive and extremely responsive to external stimulation. I don’t know what it was. But if I had a plug in, a light brushing of someone’s hand across my dick was almost enough to make me scream out loud with pleasure. Okay, calm down, that’s an exaggeration, but every single touch was amplified. When I used my girlfriend’s clitoral vibrator, I nearly came on the spot! The best thing was masturbation with the sound inserted. Not a rough masturbation, but a light and gentle masturbation, with a very light grip of the hand and slow and steady strokes.

It’s a unique sensation. It’s a misunderstood sensation. It’s very taboo. But did I mention that it’s a lot of fun!

4. The Sounds

Sounds are not always curved. Indeed only the more experienced users will use curved sounds. Most sounds are straight, they might have a bulb on the end or they might have a small tear dropped or rectangular end. When you’re ready to make a purchase, shop around, make sure that you’re getting something quality and medical grade steel.

For Petes sake don’t get something for amazon.

Dittle sets, Hegar, Pratt and Rosebud sets all make sensual first time choices. When I first started out I went with the Hegar set as I was really intrigued by the polite and gentle curve. I would only ever recommend straight rods, or rods with slight gentle curves on them for a beginner

Surgical steel is the best and most durable material you can use. If you want something that can bend a little, you’re more than welcome to use silicone as well. Both steel and silicone can be sterilised very easily and the fact that they don’t retain bacteria is an added bonus when it comes to cleanliness. When you’re playing around with urethral stimulation safety and cleanliness is not something that you want to be playing around with.

Don’t use glass. Just don’t. Ever!

I’ve read a lot of stories about men using glass thermometers, and not only do you risk it shattering, but there’s a lot of damage that you can do.

Word Of Caution

Misuse of a surgical steel sound can be harmful and can be damaging to the delicate urethral walls. Remember that the walls are very sensitive


An accident with a non-stainless steel sound could be hazardous to your health in a variety of ways.

First and foremost, the tissue that lines your urethra is incredibly sensitive and can tear easily. If you use a sound the wrong way, you can tear the urethral wall. The pain of this occurring will be excruciating, and owing to the tear, you’ll be leaving yourself up to infections and other sorts of complications.

When it comes to your dick, play safe.

5. Penis Plugs

Penis plugs are different to sounds, as I mentioned earlier. Performing in a similar function, in terms of the delivery of sexual pleasure, but they are primarily designed to be inserted and then to be left in place. They might be held in by a slightly large bulbous end which the urethra grips on, or they might be held in place by a glans ring or something similar. Imagine, and consider them, to be kind of like shiny jewellery for your dick.

There are limitless designs and styles on the market, and there are even some places, which might even be able to customise something exactly to how you want your toy to be, though since they’re working with a medical grade steel be prepared to fork out some cash in this regard.

For the most part, 99% of people will be able to find exactly what they want with a good cock shop. Some of them are completely smooth, and are tapered. Others might have a range of ridges and bumps on them. There are a wide variety of styles available to suit everyone.

Penis Plug With Glans Ring
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Prince Albert Piercings

Some guys will wear their rings for aesthetic purposes to mimic the look and feel or a Prince Albert piercing. Obviously, without the piercing. I love my piercings, but even this one seems a bit much to me. The main benefit to using the plug for me is the sense that it makes my penis much more sensitive. I mentioned earlier how it feels, and from talking to other men

The main benefit of using a plug is that it makes the penis more sensitive. Some men experience harder erections and more intense orgasms. I’m one of the lucky guys I guess. I’ve never had any issues with erections and even now as I’m getting on in years, my penis is still working exactly how I’d like to.

Knock on wood. When I have one of these stuffed down my penis the orgasm is tonnes more intense, and I find that I can definitely shoot further as well. Since my loving, adorable and delightfully innocent partner is an adoring cum slut, then it’s benefitting both of us as well.

6. Lube Up!

Lubricant is very important when using sounds. The choice of lubricant is also important. You need to either be using surgi lubricant or something without Glycerin in it. This component, is can be responsible for causing UTI’s and should be avoided with urethral play at all costs.

Lube is VERY important when sounding. When choosing a lube, stay away from those with glycerin in them, as the sugar component in these lubes can cause UTIs.

Pro Tip: Don’t Use Saliva!

Saliva is not recommended. Not only can it be harmful and cause UTI’s from bacteria in your mouth, but it can dry up very quickly and cause friction. Friction is the last thing that you need to be getting when sliding a metal rod down your urethra.

Sex Toys In The Dishwasher To Sterilise
Sterlize your sex toys

7. What To Do Next

This bit is the simplest. The main thing to remember is that if there is any resistance, pain or undue pressure, then you need to stop. You certainly do not want to run the risk of tearing something in there.

Before you start, and you might have heard this before, but it is super important – is that you need to ensure that your toys are clean and sterilised. They’re easy to sterilise, just pop them into boiling water for a period of 20-30 minutes. From there you need to make sure that your hands are also clean and washed. Any deviation from this routine can result in a nasty infection. If the sounds (or hands) end up touching something not clean, you run the risk of inserting whatever bacteria it may be into your body. Wash again and start over.

Once the sounds have been cleaned and cooled down to a safe temperature, then you lube up the rod, lube up your dick and you’re good to go. Make sure that you attempt this bit slowly, so that you’re not risking any damage to the delicate tissues. Push gently to ease it in. Just a nudge. When you first start doing this it’s going to take some time, practice and patience. The key with this – is going slowly.

Experiment With Different Shaped Plugs

Once you have become used to the feeling and sensation of one of these in your penis, then you can begin to experiment with other shapes and sizes. You might even be inclined to rotating it when it’s inside for a unique and sensual experience!

In regards to size, its best that that you stick to something medium sized and regular. Don’t start at the smallest size you can get, because it has the potential to become unstuck and move around inside the urethra meaning that there can be a little damage done quite easily.

8. When It’s Over

Once the sounding session is over, you might feel that there’s a slight burning sensation when you urinate. In most cases this will disappear quite quickly and there’ll be no cause for alarm. However, if it doesn’t disappear within a day or so you will need to head over to your local GP for a check-up.

9. Finishing Up

Once completely finished you will need to clean your toys, and urinate as soon as possible. Urinating will remove any leftover impurities from the lubricant and so that you can clear out the urethra.