Penis Plugs

Penis Plug Safety

Penis Plug Safety

Your Guide To Safe Sounding

Urethral sounding in the United Kingdom can be a very rewarding experience as long as you follow some penis plug safety guidelines. Envision how astonishing it would feel if you could have intense enjoyment both within and outside of your penis at the same time. Many men have appreciated the unadulterated excitement. This helpful sexual aide and guide, you also can appreciate penis plugs, wands and urethral sounds safely.

The main thing you have to check is the manner by which the plug or sound has been made. These sex toys must be precisely made to permit safe urethral play. Penis fittings and urethral sounds commonly have bends, textured surfaces or even pointed tips. The configuration itself must be suited for the male (and female) urethral systems to permit safe usage.

Always Check Your Penis Plug First

Penis insertions and urethral sounds should be made so that they take into consideration a smooth and safe insertion. You need to ensure that the insertion end of a penis attachment is smooth and made of a thick smooth metal so as not to hurt the urethra during insertion.  Check to make sure there are no burs, scratches, rough edges or loose metal filings or flakes as most penis plugs are handmade. If you’re buying from a bricks and mortar store, make sure that it is a high quality adult store with lots of good reviews.

The entire surface area of the plug should be smooth with no places where the skin can get caught. At the point when checking the penis plug, verify that it’s made in a manner that guarantees a good fit and that will keep the plug in place. It’s essential that a penis plug is securely fitted so it won’t go further into the urethra than is intended. This is the reason a penis attachment in needs to be looked at first – a glans ring will hold it in place or a penis plug with a stopper will ensure that it does not slide fully into the urethra.

Penis Plug Safety
Urethral Diagram


Which Penis Plug Or Sound Should I Choose?

If you’re just starting out you’re going to be looking at something with a small rounded tip that is both smooth and slick. This is to ensure that no damage is done to the delicate urethra, it is for the safety of the shaft. The more unique, bulbous and textured styles are for those that are deemed to be more advanced. These are the ones that will require you to work your way up to.

In this regard you need to learn as to how to swim before diving off into the deep end full of various penis plug shapes, sizes and textures. The most ideal sound will be one that will fit your urethra in the best possible way; with as little stretching as possible, and the least resistance. Don’t go to small as there are dangers in that regard to. It needs to be a snug fit, not a tight fit.

Generally it’s great to have a penis plug with a ring or an augmented end so it doesn’t slip in and get lost. Similar to how an anal plug works, what you’re looking for is a rod with a blocking shaft so that it doesn’t get absorbed. Concerning material, surgical stainless steel is the safest and most widely used however you will discover plugs and silicon. These materials are body safe and easy to disinfect after using.

Neither surgical steel nor silicone will retain bacteria, and as they are non-porous they can easily be sterilised between uses. Surgical steel in this regard, is considered to be a high quality sex toy. High quality toys are known for their longevity, materials used, and in the case of vibrators the strength and quality of the motors. Silicone and Surgical steel are considered to be high quality materials.

How Do I Keep The Penis Plug In?

Something else you have to consider is keeping the plug in place. In many times is hard to keep the plug put because of the urethral muscles attempting to push the insertion out. In much the same way as a male butt plug is going to continually try and push itself out, the same can be said of urethral plugs. As a novice you will need to practice with a specific end goal to figure out how to keep your penis plug in place. There are diverse sorts of glans rings are used to keep the plug put however these rings are in many sizing’s so you must ensure you get the sizes right. A glans ring will be seated behind the head of the penis and push the head of the penis outwards for increased stimulation.

Lubricant For Penis Plug

The Importance of Sterile Lube

We can’t stress this enough; you must use a sterile Lubricant.Lubricant will help your sound or plug float into the correct spot in an agreeable while the sterile lube will keep you safe from infection or from damage. A sterile lube like surgi-lube is incredible or for more term play something like SuperSlyde. Whichever lubricant that you use that it is very important to urinate after using a sound, so as to flush out any remaining particles. This should be attempted as soon as possible after using any form of lubricant. Any particles that remain could have other substances, bacteria or other things that can attach themselves to the remaining lubricant and give cause to other issues later on down the track.

That It’s Your First Time GO SLOW!

Our first plug should be simple and easy to insert. Before insertion use a lot of lube and relax, breathe.  Make sure that the plug has been sterilised and is good to go. Before you even pick up the plug again you should ensure that your hands and penis are clean. Some people will even use surgical gloves for the cleanest experience, and this is exceptionally popular in doctor play situations and role playing. For the record, the eye of your penis is generally a little wider than the urethra, keep this in mind when you’re trying to select a size.

You might want to take the time to become aroused. Whether your thing is clown sex, fat mature women, or even gay porn, slip on your favourite film so that you can raise your level of arousal. Take as much time as required and appreciate an entire new universe of enjoyment. Begin while your penis is in a flaccid state and slowly insert the plug in into the eye of your penis. Holding your penis at a 90 degree point from your body, gradually slip the sound or plug in. Your first attempt might be a slow process, especially if you’re a little stressed or anxious.

Go slow. Ease in a little it, relax and let the urethra relax as well before attempting to insert the sound in any deeper. Attempt to let gravity and the heaviness of the sound pull the sound down into your penis. At that point once it’s in by more than three or so inchesinches, it will normally pivot marginally with the curve of the urethra. Do not attempt to push beyond this point until you have become experienced with using plugs.

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Appreciate! & Finish With A Flourish

When you have your sound or module in and it feels right and comfortable, explore different avenues, lightly use delicate strokes on your penis. Some men just appreciate the sensation of the sound sliding in and out. Experiment here. If at any stage you feel overly uncomfortable, gently remove the urethra sound and place it onto a towel. Do not attempt to reinsert once it has touched the towel, as there might be miniscule particles that you cannot see.

After such a lot of stunning new sensations you’ll be prepared to let your climax surge through your body. Here are a few things to consider. In case you’re utilizing a cum thru penis plug your prized cum will just turn out the end without even batting an eyelid. On the off chance that you started with urethral sounds or a solid plug, we recommend that you slide them out delicately before discharge to avert retrograde ejaculations.

So that’s it, but remember if you experience any pain during urethral play stop.  If you have continued pain for an extended period of tie after the removal of a plug, please consult your local doctor.

Cleaning Sounding Devices
Penis Plug Cleaning

Final Safety Tips

  • Never insert anything into the urethra unless it’s specific and exact purpose is to be a urethral insert. The use of random objects being placed into the urethra.
  • It is essential that the toys are completely sterile before inserting them into the urethra. Sounds which are not sterile pose a greater risk to the contraction of a UTI.
  • For those that suffer from frequent UTI’s we do not recommend urethral play.
  • First time sounders should select a flexible or a medium sized sound. Too small and one will risk damaging the delicate urethral walls, too large and it just won’t fit.
  • If there are any sharp and or intense pains, or if an area of the shaft hurts more than the rest, stop immediately. If the pain continues, seek medical advice.
  • It is common to experience a burning sensation during urination for the first few hours or day. If this happens, then next time you need to ensure that you use more lubricant. If this sensation continues longer than a day, seek medical advice.