Achieve Stronger Erections and Orgasms

Achieve Stronger Erections and Orgasms

Stronger Orgasms | Urethral Sounding Benefits

What Are Urethral Sound Benefits | Uses of Urethral Sounds

Male Orgasms

Urethral stimulation can cause intense, and powerful orgasms, and this is a benefit which many men will appreciate. Urethral stimulation can be one of the most effective ways to enjoy yourself and bring your pleasure to an entirely new level.

How? Well there are many ways in which you can use sounding to enhance your orgasms and level of stimulation. One of the easiest ways to do this is often referred to as in and out sounding. Essentially this is where you are ‘fucking’ your urethra with the sound. Slowly moving it back and forth, up and down an inch or so each time. This particular movement can feel surreal as the insides of your urethra are stimulated in ways that have never been done before. The movements are essentially massaging your urethra, and in the end making it far more sensitive. When the orgasm finally arrives, the increased sensitivity as a result of the tissue stimulation, can make an orgasm extra intense.

Another technique involves the removal of the sound during an orgasm. This is only applicable to straight sounds as they can be removed whilst the penis is erect and being stimulated. Unfortunately, not all sounds can be safe to remove during an erection, so keep that in mind and ensure that the sound you want to be using can handle that. Removing the sound during ejaculation can make the semen collect underneath the sound. When moved at precisely the right moment, in time with a contraction, then the sound can act as a pressure valve and once removed the semen can ejaculate at great force. Making for an intense and powerful orgasm that is quite memorable.

One of the last methods is actually the most risky, so it is something that should only be attempted by experienced users. This method involves leaving in a solid plug into the urethra which will be left in during orgasm. This cannot be performed with all sounds and is specifically limited to plugs, sperm stoppers and cock plugs. You need to keep in mind that there is substantial risk that can occur with this particular activity, so don’t do it when you’re new.  Because with this technique you’re keeping the sound in during ejaculation, then you’re trapping the semen in the body. The sound will prevent the semen from being expelled and this will create some intense and powerful orgasms. However, instead of being ejected outside the body, the semen will leak into the bladder and be expelled during the next time that you urinate. Keep in mind that there will be considerable force and not every drop of semen can be accounted for in this manner, especially if you’re concerned about the transmission of STIs.

Steel Urethral Plug

Whilst this does produce some very powerful sensations, it certainly carries risks and as such, we will remind you once again, that this technique should only be considered by advanced users. Even with that in mind, you will need to consult a doctor, preferably kink friendly, before you can even think about attempting this method.


Direct Prostate Stimulation


Another amazing benefit of sounding is the way in which urethral sounds can be directly used to stimulate the prostate. Again this is a very advanced form of sounding and should never be performed without medical advice, and medical knowledge. This results in deep sounding, far deeper than any other type of sounding and it can be dangerous when used incorrectly or the user makes an error.

The usual most popular way to stimulate the prostate is through the anus. This is a fairly simple way in as the prostate is only an inch or two inside and can be massaged with a finger that has been inserted into the anus. This can be done by one’s self, or with the addition of one’s sexual partner. From here you will be able locate the prostate with relative ease as it is a small walnut sized gland that can be stimulated, tickled, touched through the anal wall.

Perhaps the most amazing benefit of urethral sounds is that they can be used for prostate stimulation. In fact, this is the only way to massage your prostate directly. The most popular method of prostate stimulation is through the anus. This is a relatively easy way, because the prostate can be felt just a few inches deep. Simply insert a finger into your anus (or have your partner insert a finger into you) and you will be able to find the prostate relatively easily. It can be felt as a walnut-sized gland that can be stimulated through the anal wall. Alternatively one could use specialised finger toys, or prostate toys such as milking toys and p-spot stimulates which can be used to stimulate the prostate.

The downside to this is that this is considered to be an indirect way to stimulate the prostate. You will not have complete and utter control since you’ll be feeling the prostate through the anal wall. If you’re looking for something more intense, then that way is down the urethra.

We will say again that this is specifically recommended only for the most experienced of users and that this is a very different sounding technique to simply putting the sound down the eye of your penis. In order to stimulate the prostate directly, this requires a very deep stimulation. From here you can massage the prostate directly with a sound.

Stronger Erections

Urethral sounding can also have an additional benefit of making your penis stronger and bigger, at the very least temporarily. Sounding should never be used exclusively for the purpose of enhancing erections an improving your sexual performance, as there are other toys which are specifically geared for this regard, for example cock rings, penis extenders and penis pumps. In spite of this, the stimulation can give you a more powerful penis. In so far as sounding can make your penis harder with the increased stimulation. Sounds, the use of sounds especially steel rigid ones, which are held in place during sexual activity, can make your penis appear bigger and more powerful. The aesthetics of steel erupting from your penis can be alluring both to you and your partner.

It is important to keep in mind however that using sounds during sexual intercourse can be difficult and it can be risky if the wrong sound is inserted, and that there is too much pressure placed upon the thrust. Though there are people who have safely practiced this, and praise the benefits and stimulation that it provides, they are using cock plugs and much smaller sounds as opposed to lengthier sounds. These toys can be considered to be quite sharp and as such there is still a risk of injury.


Building Intimacy For Couples


This is perhaps the most exciting advantages that can be offered. The enhanced intimacy that can only be provided through the use of coupling and urethral stimulation through couples play. Whilst, seemingly, only person can have the sound inserted at a time, it’s an experience and activity with which both couples can enjoy. One partner may be wearing the sound, with their partner controlling the insertion, it’s a fantastic opportunity to build trust and intimacy between partners so there’s very little surprise when we say that there are many couples which practice this kind of activity. There’s even been a release of buddy plugs which people might use, to insert into two penises at the same time. This can be risky, so it is important that you both understand the risks, and take the proper care to ensure safety.

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