The Art Of Body Modification

The Art Of Body Modification

Body Modification And Penis Stretching | Body Modification For Sex

Sexual Body Mods | Body Modification And Urethral Stretching


Urethral stimulation in its most basic form as the insertion of a steel rod down the eye of the urethra isn’t considered to be a body modification. It is considered to be a fetish, and can be involved in a variety of fetish related activities such as medical play, but it is not considered to be a body modification.

Body modification, in the general sense, is defined as the specific alteration of the human anatomy. Body modification is primarily concerned with the idea of aesthetics but can also be extended to sexual pleasure enhancement, rites of passage and religious beliefs, to align with a specific group’s membership requirements, for the purpose of body art, shock value. It can also be extended to a level of self-expression and this includes plastic surgery. With this definition in mind body modification can be extended to piercings, as well as circumcisions.

Piercing And Body Modification

Body modification is nothing new. People have been engaging in body modification for a myriad of reasons for thousands of years. They might have done so for cultural aesthetics, a quest of spiritual enlightenment, a representation of a particular social status or class or the symbolic representation of a particular life milestone. Body modification has a rich and varied history and has at times been condemned not as a form of self-expression, but as a form of self-mutilation and it has often been attributed as occurring in those with mental health issues.

For some people this is true. There are people out there whom wish to desperately try and want to change their physical appearances with plastic surgery and extreme body modification. However, that’s not what we will be discussing today. Today we are looking at the idea of stretching, and why people might want to stretch their urethra.

To do that, we are going to explore the psychology behind body modification. As we go through the psychology of body modification, we will be continually linking this back into the world of urethral stimulation and how the two are linked. Not just in the example of extreme body modification, but also in understanding why people might like to use urethral stimulation.

To Express Individuality

Urethral Sounding And Body Mods

The most common reason as to why people will change their body is because it is important to them and should be seen as an expression of their uniqueness, individuality and alternative lifestyle. There’s an art form in the alternative lifestyle and this is particularly important for individuals wishing to express that.  There is a deep seeded desire in some people to be unique and different from the rest of the world, and indeed from humanity as a whole. It might be something extravagant as getting horns attached to your head, or it might be as simple as getting your ears stretched. It’s one of the most common reasons out there. Realistically, let’s face it, how many people are going to be out there that say, hey, I like to stick metal rods into my urethra. Doesn’t that have some flair of individuality in it?


To Enhance Attractiveness & Sexuality


Not everyone that gets a body modification, or partakes in activities for body modification are expressly interested in making themselves more attractive to sexual partners. Nevertheless, it is a solid psychological reasoning behind some people’s motivations, and that’s whether they realise it or they don’t realise it. Thinking about sexual piercings, such as tongue, nipple and genital piercing and most people will be getting these piercing to either draw attention to a sexy part of their bodies, for the enhancement of sexual stimulation and even both.

It should be noted that not everyone gets body modifications done in order for attractiveness. Think of why mature gay men  will get plastic surgery in order to look younger. Some people might also get plastic surgery to look older, with the rise of silver foxes and mature people being continually viewed at as being sexy. Stretching is a common body modification that is done for sexual purposes. Fisting is the more common example of this, however some people also enjoy urethral stretching. Urethral stretching can have the tendency to make their penis look a little thicker, so there’s that aesthetic purpose as well. I know of one female individual that wanted to stretch her urethra so that she could have three holes to enjoy penetrative stimulation with a penis. Whilst that is an extreme example and certainly not the desire of everyone it can be a part of body modification.

Girls Piercing With jewellery

The insertion of a urethral stimulator, particularly one that has jewels on it, can also be part of the body modification trend. Considered as a piercing, the adornment of jewellery on the penis can be both an expression of individuality as well as to enhance attractiveness and sexual pleasure.


To Develop Physical Endurance


When it comes to fetishes and BDSM practices, sometimes the motivation is the development of the physical restraints of the body. Body modification can help develop physical endurance and provide a pain threshold for the individual to become accustomed to. That’s not to say that urethral stimulation and stretching are particularly painful in regards to other forms of sexual activities out there, but just in the sense that you are pushing the body’s limits.

Each and every individual person that gets a piercing, a tongue split, or has some form of insert implanted will be forced to endure pain. Because tattoo artists, and people performing the piercing are not registered doctors and physicians, they do not have the ability to administer anaesthesia beyond what one can purchase over the counter. Some people enjoy the pain in a way that they will get off on the chemicals and endorphins that are released as they’re being modified, others may not necessarily be keen on the pain.


In Search of Spiritual Enlightenment


If you have read the article elsewhere on this site, “Why I used a Penis Plug” you will notice that he specifically mentioned the feeling of catharsis and level of focus required in his endeavour. Some people feel that a tolerance of pain, or engagement in fetish to enhance the unity between the body, soul and mind. This mindset entails an understanding of spiritual growth. The pain, the focus might make someone feel as if they’re closer to a higher power or that might simply open you up to new experiences and pleasures.

Urethral stimulation is an interesting form of stimulation. In some variances it can be considered a form of body modification depending on how one engages in this type of play, and for what purpose that is.

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