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Prince Albert Wand

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Prince’s wand is a kind of penis plug that is often referred to as the policeman’s nightstick due to its standard shape. It is generally a long, gradually thicker tube that culminates in a round bulbous end. It is a type of penis jewellery or ornament as well as British men’s sex toys that consist of a hollow tube with a threaded cap at its end and employs a Prince Albert piercing for its use. The piercing can be attached to the urethral rod to hold it secure and in place throughout the day. The Prince’s wand jewellery is known to consist of a single tube which is always inserted into the urethra together with a short stem that sticks out of the side of the tube near the top that gets inserted through Prince Albert piercing and into another thread hole on the side of the tube. If that sounds a little confusing. . Check out this image which should clarify.

Diagram Of Prince Albert Wand

Although, its little side stem holds this tube in place, its threaded cap is usually just a ball that can be removed so that the wearer can be able to urinate through the tube without having to literally remove the jewellery from the Prince Albert piercing. Most of the prince’s wands are held in place by Prince Albert piercing. Some of these wands requires no piercing, whereas some caters for multiple penis piercings and consist of multiple beads on them which are known as pound puppies.

There are at least 3 kinds of the prince’s wands, with the most common British one being the standard type referred to as the policeman nightstick, of course due to its shape. The second one is the ringed wands which consist of one or more external rings attached to the beads on outside stem of the wand to pass through the Prince Albert piercing and then goes on to encircle the penis. The third one is the pin less wand that do not need PA piercing to put on since it does not have a stem to insert through any piercing.

Surgical Steel Penis Wand

There are other types of penis jewellery with rare features that consist of more than one stem to allow for multiple piercings and of course for various attachments to the external beads. That said however, some prince’s wands are solid so that if you intend to wear them during the day then it is important that you get your-self a hollow cum through, else you will need to continually move and remove the urethral stimulator. This is very common and popular among men who enjoy urethral play.

To wear the penis wand and to use it effectively, efficiently and safely, it is important that you get the measurements of your penis and of course your urethra when both flaccid and erect to be very precise and accurate.