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Flexible Silicone Penis Plug

Enjoy Total Pleasure with Silicone Penis Plugs that are a viable alternative to mainstream stainless steel versions.  They have a softer yet firm feel that is very comfortable to the user. Most of them feature some form of “stopper” or arch at the end which prevents the device from getting swallowed up by the urethra. Some versions of silicone sex wands can be inserted without having to pierce your penis, they are great for those who don’t want to go through the pain that is associated with piercings and like types of penis jewellery.

There are those which are straight in design or slightly curved for purposes of unblocking urethra obstructions, or even increasing urethra size. A ball system found on the wand can also be unscrewed to eliminate fluids.  There are multiple designs and styles available and you can go for the popular thru-hole plugs which are specifically used to piss/cum through, or choose the solid types which most men use to delay ejaculation hence enjoying the sexual experience for much longer. This also brings a particularly enthralling sensation to orgasms.

Whether you want to use the thru-hole Silicone or solid plug it really doesn’t matter, both of them are fine and it’s all a matter of personal preferences. Nonetheless, no matter who you decide to buy it from always check to ensure that it has an open-ended plug section, and that the wall isn’t too thin as this can potentially constrict orgasmic emissions.  Also ensure that the cock plug you use has no burs on either ends nor lose particles inside the silicone thru-hole. All in all, though solid silicone plugs can’t be worn for as long as the open-ended types, most of them have a nice rounded tip that’s slightly tapered for easy insertion.

One of the factors to consider when buying these sex aids is the general width of your penis plug. 8 to 10 mm is the standard measurement, but if you’re experimenting it for the first time go for smaller versions of between 6-7 mm. Silicone Penis Plugs that are specifically designed for novices are called “Starter Plugs.” When it comes to length, most of them have a standard length of 40 to 70 mm though once a penis plug reaches lengths of 10 mm and up it ceases to be called a plug and now becomes a wand.

In order to keep your Silicone Penis Plug in place try inserting Glans Rings on both sides, or alternatively get a design with attached ring assembly configurations. This loop sits right behind the penis glans and can be loosened or tightened as per the user’s wish.

Silicone is a viable alternative to steel sex toys because silicone cannot absorb bacteria. Silicone can be boiled and easily sterilized thus making them safe for urethral stimulation. Some circles might consider them to be a beginner urethral toy, because their bendiness makes them a little more forgiving than steel sex toys.

Please note that you cannot use silicone lubricant with silicone sounds.