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A Solid Penis plug is a urethral sex toy which creates an erotic pleasure when put into the urethra. It increases arousal thereby intensifying orgasm during masturbation. It mainly comes in a shaft form of material that has been crafter from rust proof surgical steel. Though, there are variations that have been in terms of using a silicone sound. Silicone sounds have much in the same way as properties as surgical steel sounds, with the exception that silicone sounds can be bent slightly.

Solid penis plugs UK are wholly solid, mainly used by men to delay ejaculation, causing a thrilling sensational pleasure during orgasm.  They do not have an opening that is often referred to as a cum through or hollow penis plug. Size and shape are simply personal preferences. Be cautious when checking out for the open ended plug as it should be very smooth at the insertion edges. The walls should also not be so thin to avoid sharpness during the entry process. No burs should be at the ends or hanging particles inside the hole. Care must be taken during ejaculation when using a solid sound, as there are risks that are involved in the process of restricting the ability of fluid to exit the shaft.

The solid generally have better rounded ends with tapered tips than their hollow counterparts making it easier and safer to insert. First time users are advised to use the solid plugs before the open types. This is because they are more easy to use and not as much caution is required. The risks of any damages are minimal with correct usage.

Width is an important factor to consider when making selections. Beginners should use plugs that are not more than 6mm to 7mm in width. The length should vary from 40mm to 70mm. Those reaching 100mm are referred to as wands. Keeping the cock plug in place can be at times difficult. The urethral muscles have a tendency to push it out mostly for first time users. This is why they are designed to come with narrow shoulders at the end for the urethra to grip around.

Some British and European inspired designs also come with glans rings that work towards positioning stability. The ring sits on the glans inside the cork adding external force to the plug. A small rubber ring could also be used instead. The most significant design factor in many solid penis plugs is the stopper that controls it from going further in than it is supposed to. The disc is much wider than the apparatus itself. Other designs come with an umbrella shaped form to help control insertion.

Smooth stainless steel designs are the best to use since they are smooth with a mirror like finish. There are glass and silicone ones available however cleaning could be a hassle. A solid Penis Plug gives you a pleasurable feeling and is easy to use.