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The Sperm stopper penis plug is a great steel sex toy used not only in Britain, but all over the world but many are hesitant when it comes to urethral toy play. Some individuals explore the world of pleasure and pain easily by coming across, and using, different types of stimulation devices that help increase delight during sexual intercourse. The use of unique sexual aides can help in the broadening of their sexual horizons endlessly. The penis plug – being one among the many – is sometimes referred to as the vesical proteinaceous plug. This urethral sex toy basically comes in all shapes and sizes. Its variety depends on your personal preference, comfort level and also can come in a variety of materials which include steel and silicone.  The most advisable for men to use are the medical grade stainless steel ones. Going with this option ensures extreme safety, as it’s made from 100% medical grade stainless steel; and it is easy to clean, does not accumulate rust or bacteria. If you’re new to sounding, you’re more than welcome to try silicone. Silicone is a little more forgiving with its size, and positioning, and due to the nature of silicone has very similar properties to surgical steel.

Having a broad range when it comes to lengths and diameters, the maximum width of a sperm stopper plug in general is 8mm to 10mm. For first time users, it would be recommended to resort to a plug whose width does not exceed 6mm – 7mm. The standard length varies from 40 – 70mm while the longer plugs are measured between 70 mm and upwards.

The most popular sperm stopper cock plug resembles a keychain. A bent round rod is attached to a glans ring with a miniscule solid ball bound to it. Making sure that the ball is not inserted too deeply to prevent any pain or accidents, it is then inserted into the urethra. The ring is then put around your penis head, or attached to a piercing or via a piercing hole in order to keep it intact. Often times, it could be difficult to keep the penis plug in place. How it stays on depends solely on the strength of the urethral muscles and your piercings.

During sexual play and stimulation, the penis would soon feel the galvanizing effect of the ball to the frenulum. Sperm plugs aren’t limited to just one design. Instead of having a ball attached to the rod, it could be substituted for lumps, bumps, or even crystals that would each give you a different feeling of pleasure when used. For those who have a love for the bad boy look, there are plugs as well that have a hoop in the end that gives the illusion of having the pierced effect without the pain of being pierced.