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Tapered Penis Plug

UK Tapered Penis Plugs can help every man to enjoy sex to the fullest. Increased technology has brought in many methods of enhancing sexual feelings for both men and women. Many types of sex toys like penis plugs are in the market leading to improved sexual feelings among couples. Tapered penis plugs are among the latest sex toys used to arouse sexual feelings in men and women. They are used to make the penis or urethra more responsive and sensitive thereby making an erection stronger. They intensify orgasms making the man ejaculate more times helping him to enjoy those feelings.

There are many different designs and shapes of these penis plugs. However, generally they are metallic and have a smooth surface to prevent injuries to the soft tissues of the urethra. Some are textured to increase the arousal and help to maintain the plug in its position while in the urethra. Other plugs have a ring at the end known as the glans ring.  Its purpose is to keep the plug in place and enhance the pleasure by making the penis be harder and more sensitive. Some of the rings have holes in them to facilitate passage of urine and sperm.

They are also made of different sizes both in width and length to cater for different men and will have a tapered shape at the end that enters the penis sometimes called a rosebud, many have multiple tapers that will act as ‘waves’ of stimulation inside the urethra. Before you insert it into your urethra, you should ensure that it is clean and free from any irregularities. You can even use surgical gloves and antibacterial cleaner so as to make it as safe as possible. Ensure you have a sterile or surgical lubricant to make the plug move the urethra with ease. Place a drop of the lube on the opening of the penis. Hold it with one hand and start inserting the plug. Ensure that the penis is soft and not erect when inserting. Don’t force it, insert it slowly. Once inside, you can now start stimulating the penis with a gentle touch.

There are as many types of penis plugs on the market, and some of themVibrate or connect to electrodes but without the right design like the solid or hollow tapered penis plugs you will not get full urethral enjoyment.