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Hollow Cum Through Penis Plug

A Through Hole or Cum Thru Penis Plug is a sex toy that is mostly made up of high-quality surgical 316L-grade stainless steel or aluminium alloy. Some may be made of silicone or even glass. This penis plug is introduced into the urethral opening for stimulation and sexual play. These penis plugs are a form of sexual enjoyment and exploration for both women and men. Men are the major group using these plugs, but currently, women are also getting into the act of getting when they generally were the givers. Some women buy a Through Hole Penis Plug as a sexual support for their male lovers, but these plugs can as well, be used between women. Usually, women like a smaller and shorter plug – in line with the length of their urethra.

Through Hole Penis Plugs are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and from Great Britain, Europe, American and even Australia. By means of a Through Hole Penis Plug, you can take pleasure in deep urethral play and a fake pierced look in one wonderful little enjoyment product. The striking medical grade steel, from which these plugs are made, slides into the penis, generating a sensual and powerful stretching effect all through the day. You will get an unbelievable urethral stimulation within your grasp with this Through Hole Penis Plug.

The plug can be a smooth and sensual design or ridged tapered in any variation you desire and they are easy to use. The cum thru penis plugs starts at 5mm wide usually up to 10mm although some people like them even wider in diameter generating that enticing stretching effect that offers you orgasmic effects, even after it has been removed.  You will feel every millimetre of the plug being inserted and removed.

The Through Hole Penis Plugs lives equal to its name through a hole, drilled during the centre, allowing the user to ejaculate and urinate without the necessity of removing the plug.  The Through Hole Penis Plug is an immense training plug for subs, an unbelievable enjoyment product for fetish wear and it is simply an unconquerable BDSM sex toy.