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Urethral Sounds and Urethral Sound Kits Britain are medical instruments designed to be inserted into the urethra. They are basically high polished stainless-steel rods with rounded tips and handles, and come in various sizes that are close to one another – differing in diameter by a half a millimetre or less in most cases. There lengths vary from 8 inches to 11 inches depending on their usage and design.

Medically, their purpose is to gently and gradually enlarge the urethra thereby removing any blockages but in a BDSM-fetish medical setting, they are an exceptional source of sexual stimulation and also used in submission or domination experiences or ‘power exchange’.  Urethral sounds are a form of sexual stimulation and exploration for both women and men. However, men are the biggest users of these pleasure instruments with women only come aboard a couple of year back; thereby not only becoming the givers, but also the receivers. Some women buy these instruments for their male companions, but there are also those that can be used by women, such as penis plugs.

Urethral sounds come is various sizes, shapes and length, which are generally categorized under urethral sound kits. They include:


Hegar Sounds Kit


The Hegar’s are a urethral dilator sound-set with a standard set of 8 sounds but also available in set of 13 and 3. They have 2 sizes on every end like the Hank and the Pratt Sound Kits, thus providing a sum of 16graduated sizes that range from 3mm to 18mm in the standard kt. They are deigned to gently and gradually enlarge the urethra upon insertion and dilation. Another variation of the hegar comes with different sizes of Flat-Sided Hegar Sounds ranging from 4mm to11mm. They are ideal for everyone including beginners, collectors and experimenters. They are highly versatile and those of larger sizes can also be used for vaginal, anal and prostrate stimulation.

Hegar Urethral Play Sex Kit


Hank Sound Set


The Hank Sounds set is great for beginners as the ‘speed bump’ functions as a ‘stopper’, by preventing the lubed-up sound to extend or slide in beyond 3 inches. This is very helpful in the UK learning how to control it while dilation (enlargement of urethra)is being conducted from one size to the next.  The Hank sound is a solid, heavy weight thereby also giving room for practicing on managing the weight in the penis or urethra. The entire set is about 1.13 Kg or 2 pounds of solid stainless steel. The have 2 different sizes on both ends of each sound (6 sounds per set),thereby bringing the total to 12 sizes in a standard kit. The sizes range from 10/11 Fr to 21/22 Fr.


Pratt Sound Kit


Pratt Sounds in Britain are double ended and have more defined curves compared to Hegar sounds. Usually, they have different sizes on both ends, which infer that each sound can offer you two dissimilar sensations. The ends are rounded and slightly bent. They are typically longer compared to other types of sounds. The pronounced curve and length of Pratt sounds enable you to insert them deep inside the penis or urethra, thereby allowing for deep bladder and urethral stimulation. They are ideal for both women and men who desire to enjoy this form of erotic play.

Pratt Sounding Kit


Rosebud Sounds Kit


They are very simple in shape and have a thin, long rod with a spherical end. Note that you can also insert the rod into the urethra. Rosebud tip, which is bullet in shape, is particularly designed to stimulate your urethra. Its design resembles anal beads and bullet vibration for a reason: it’s designed to offer pleasure and stimulate your sensitive urethral tract. British Rose buds can be used by both women and men and are also ideal for beginners due to their ease of insertion and use, regardless of whether the penis is erect or not. They come in different sizes of both the tip and the rod, thus enabling you to attain varying sensations.

Rosebud Sounding Kit


Van Buren Sound Kit


Van Buren Sounds are one of the most common urethral sounds amongst highly skilled users. They possess a distinguishing J-shape and naturally long. They are designed to match the urethral tract of a man, making them to perfectly fit a man’s body. They have a characteristically pronounced curve at both ends. This curve is designed particularly to reach the bladder and could be utilized for bladder stimulation as well as P-spot or prostate stimulation. The curved end can be used to stimulate prostate gland from within the bladder thereby giving an amazing sensation and prostate milking capabilities. It’s vital to stress that Van Buren sound sought to be utilized only when the penis is soft. This infers that once you get an erection with the sound still in your penis, you must wait until the erection ends before taking it out.

Van Buren Urethral Sound Kit


Dittle Sound Kit


The Dittle Sounds resemble Rosebud sounds and have thin, straight rod with special ends. They have rounded ends and flat ends, and rather than a bulbous, bullet-like end found in Rosebud sounds, they have a distinctive flat end. Dittle sounds come indifferent sizes, thereby offering you the user a wide variety to choose from based on your needs.  Dittle sounds are ideal for both more experienced and beginner users. Unlike the Van Buren sounds, they don’t have curves thus making them easy to insert and remove regardless of whether you have an erection or not.

Sittle Sounding Kit


How To Use Urethral Sounds


Look for the biggest size (with minimum resistance) that you can easily insert in your urethra with no stretchy feeling. Lube the first few inches well and lubricate around the meatus also known as the eye of the penis. Carefully use your hand to stabilize the sound, insert the British sounds end in the meatus and gently and carefully slide it in the urethra. At this point, use very little force if any.

Once it stops sliding in, let it be for some time focusing on the sensation and experience, and then perhaps try to move it further in and out around an inch. At this instance, you may consider taking it out and re-lubing the sound. Once used to the feeling of having it in your urethra, this could take some seconds, minutes or never, you may choose to go slightly deeper or slightly increase your size.

Either way, you’ll have more force, but gently to push or insert it deeper. This might be uncomfortable and you may feel a burning sensation or pressure, which is quite normal. Don’t push it to such extremes where you experience one point hurting more or a sharp pain, particularly at the sound’s tip. This might be catastrophic to your penis. However, to insert the sound further into your penis, you might have to experiment so as to determine the right angle of the penis to the body.

To determine how deep the sound went, feel for its end between your legs alongside the taint or perineum. If it disappears into your penis, particularly if you have a big package, you don’t have to worry as you can always recover it by finding its lower end either along the shaft or at the perineum – depending on penis and sound length and push it up from there.

You’re highly likely to experience some burning sensation while urinating for some hours to days. This is very much normal, as it is to see some blood especially when you’re new to it. If you experience ramping, fever or some discharge, seek medical attention. However, sounding may not be for you if you’re prone to infections in your urinary tract. Lastly, ensure that the Urethral sounds are clean, sterilized and safe before using them at every session.