8 Weird Things About Having A Penis

8 Weird Things About Having A Penis

8 Weird Things About Penis | Mens Penis Guide

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UFO’s sightings, trumpet sounds in the sky, Bigfoot, coronavirus, etc. wherever we are there will always be strange happenings around us. This is the reason why we should always watch out for the unusual that happens in our lives because they become huge once presented to the eyes of people on the internet. Speaking of huge, unusual things revolving around the penis have the potential to become big news headlines. This is why we have scoured the internet for 8 weirdest things about having a penis which may or may not surprise you.

1. TikTok69

“My first sex with my first girlfriend was scary and funny for me at the same time. It was scary because my penis was not that huge. So on the way to her house, I was thinking of confessing that I may not satisfy her. Funnily enough, once she started to show me her “things” and I become aroused then my penis size increased dramatically. It was when I realized that our penis might adjust to our needs at some point in our lives.”

2. DryerMason21

“I watched bohemian rhapsody recently and I was really inspired by it. I was really amazed at how Freddie Mercury explored different ways to make music. Wanting to follow his steps, I went to my room, aroused myself a bit, then went to our basement where my drums are located. I was really surprised that the hardness of my dick can make solid sounds the same as drum sticks. Too bad, I cannot control the rhythm tho!”

3. JuanMadlos

“In the Philippines, teenage boys had to get circumcised. So it was way back when I was 10 years old that I got my foreskin removed and experienced dreadful pain. You may think that the worst is over after the surgery. However you are all wrong, after circumcision, the penis becomes infected and swells to the point that it looks like a tomato. People call this Kamatis and are not really life-threatening. But oh boy, imagine walking around your house without any pants on with a swelling penis dangling right under you. It is enough to make a dog bark out of laughter.”

4. Dreadfulguy76

“People say that when your penis is hit you will experience a lot of excruciating pain. Well, guess what? this thing is never true for me and is troubling me up to this day. I was 15 when my classmate hit my crotch while we were playing football. Everyone was really surprised that I did not cry and hit the ground because of the pain. I simply told them that I felt nothing and was absolutely fine.”

Weird Penis Things

5. Qing_Dom

“While talking to my Chinese grandfather, I almost laughed to death. It was because he gave me the most golden advice about love that I’ve ever heard. He said that males who are really in love are those who get aroused by a simple touch, gesture, or voice of their partners. Pondering about it, I guess what he said was true. My current girlfriend, who I am really attached to, makes my seeds perk without doing anything. Thanks for the advice gramps!”

6. Kenuji72

“I was on a vacation in Japan way back in 2015 and it gave me the most memorable realization that I’ve ever had in my life. I was with my Japanese friends attending the Kanamara Matsuri festival, in Kawasaki, Japan. Upon joining the festival, I realized that Japanese women from Kawasaki make perfect wives. Why? The reason is simple. Once a year , on the first day of April my penis will get treated as a venerated god! How cool is that?.

7. PromdiSeaman33

In the Philippines working your way towards becoming a nautical or a marine engineer takes guts and courage. Before enrolling in seafaring programs. here in PH, schools will first have to inspect your balls and penis if they look good. Balls are weighed and the penis is measured. Chances are if your penis and balls don’t pass the test then you might as well kiss your dream to become a mariner goodbye.”

8. D’rick_rus

‘Want to know what’s the most uncomfortable feeling in your life? Masturbate then don’t wipe the juices that come out of your penis after climax. I tell you it feels really sticky and wet at the same time. What’s more? if you don’t take a bath immediately you will start to smell. This is the primary reason why I always make sure that I have tissues before masturbating.”

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