The Strangest Things Men Have Inserted In Their Urethra

The Strangest Things Men Have Inserted In Their Urethra

Weirdest Things Men Have Done with Their Penises

Unusual Practices from the Past

Centuries ago, men engaged in bizarre practices involving their penises including weird things Inserted In Their Urethra. Some methods were aimed at enhancing penis attractiveness, while others sought to enlarge manhood using homemade devices. In the 21st century, the sexual industry has developed tremendously, making these past practices seem less strange. Today, men use sophisticated sex toys and engage in daring sexual activities to reach heightened levels of pleasure.

Urethral Sounding and Modern Practices

Modern men are more open about sex, often exploring their bodies with advanced toys and techniques. One popular but extreme practice is urethral sounding. This involves inserting objects into the urethra for sexual pleasure. It’s not just about common sexual pleasures anymore; men seek intense experiences using powerful stimulation devices and other unusual methods.

Medical Interventions for Extreme Practices

Men’s experimentation can sometimes lead to serious medical issues. Here are some shocking objects doctors have removed from penises:


Imagine using tweezers for something other than hair removal. A Saudi man did just that, inserting them into his penis. His motivation remains unclear—whether intoxication or sheer curiosity drove him. He may have expected intense stimulation, but the experience was excruciating. The 3-inch metal device caused severe pain and blocked urine flow. Fortunately, doctors removed the tweezers without surgery, using an anesthetic and external pressure to force them out.

Phone Cables

What do you do when you’re extremely horny, and masturbation doesn’t help? Some men turn to extreme methods, like using phone cables for sexual gratification. These slim objects can be inserted into the urethra, but they often cause severe pain rather than pleasure. Knotted cables inside the urethra complicate removal, making it a painful and challenging ordeal.

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Other Unbelievable Insertions

The list of objects men have inserted into their penises is astonishing. Here are a few more examples that defy imagination:


Beads are small and seem harmless, but inserting them into the urethra can be dangerous. They can move inside and cause blockages, leading to severe pain and potential infections. Removing beads often requires medical intervention.


Inserting needles into the penis is a risky and painful practice. Needles can puncture the urethra, leading to internal injuries and infections. Medical removal is almost always necessary, and the process can be complex and painful.


Yes, even pens have found their way into the urethra. Men seeking unusual stimulation have used them, only to end up in excruciating pain. Pens can cause significant damage, making medical removal essential.

The Psychology Behind Extreme Practices

Why do men engage in such extreme practices? Various factors can influence this behavior, including curiosity, the pursuit of intense pleasure, and psychological conditions. Some men are driven by a desire to explore the limits of their bodies, while others may be influenced by fetishes or psychological disorders. Understanding these motivations can help in addressing and preventing such risky behaviors.

Safe Exploration of Sexuality

Exploring sexuality is natural, but it’s crucial to prioritize safety. Men should seek professional advice before attempting any unusual practices. Using toys specifically designed for sexual pleasure can prevent injuries and ensure a satisfying experience.

Inserted In Their Urethra


Another object men insert into their penises is hooks. Unlike phone cables, hooks have a curved head at the top, which men believe enhances stimulation. The curved head creates more pressure against the interior walls of the penis, increasing stimulation and providing more pleasure. Unfortunately, the curved tip also creates significant problems. When stuck inside the male organ, its enlarged shape makes removal difficult. The hook rubs against the walls of the urethra, increasing friction and causing more pain.


Rings aren’t just for fingers. Some men place rings on their shafts to enhance autoerotic pleasure or during masturbation. They might even use them in sex play with their partners to tease and test the endurance of their private parts. However, this playful act, often done in the heat of passion without considering consequences, frequently ends in a hospital visit. Men experience severe pain, especially during erections. The safest way to remove the ring is by a doctor who usually cuts it rather than trying to pull it out with force.


This one defies the wildest imagination. Some men push screws far inside their shafts, hoping for insane pleasure. Several cases have been reported in China and the USA where men inserted medium-sized and large screws into their penises. One particularly extreme case involved a man who was so sexually aroused that one or two screws weren’t enough for him. He pushed nine screws deep inside his urethra.

Glass Tubes

Another bizarre object men have inserted into their penises is glass tubes. These tubes are smooth and seem harmless, but they can easily break inside the urethra. The broken glass can cause severe internal injuries, leading to bleeding and extreme pain. Medical intervention is necessary to remove the shards and repair the damage.


Inserting batteries into the penis is another dangerous practice. Some men believe the small, cylindrical shape of batteries will provide unique stimulation. However, batteries can cause chemical burns, electrical shocks, and severe internal injuries. Medical professionals often have to surgically remove the batteries to prevent further damage.

Light Bulbs

Light bulbs are another shocking item men have inserted into their urethras. The fragile nature of light bulbs makes them incredibly dangerous. They can easily shatter inside, causing severe internal injuries. Removal requires delicate surgical procedures to avoid further complications and to repair any damage caused by the broken glass.


Marbles may seem like an odd choice, but some men have inserted them into their penises. These small, round objects can cause blockages and intense pain. Medical removal is usually required, and the process can be quite painful and complicated.

Plastic Forks

Plastic forks are another unexpected item men have inserted into their urethras. The prongs can cause internal injuries, leading to severe pain and potential infections. Removing plastic forks often requires surgical intervention to ensure no internal damage is left untreated.

Metal Rods

Metal rods are a more common but equally dangerous item men have used. The rigid structure can cause significant internal damage, especially if the rod is large or sharp. Medical professionals often have to surgically remove these objects to prevent further injury and repair any damage caused.


Keychains are another surprising item men have inserted into their penises. The various shapes and sizes can cause blockages and severe pain. Medical removal is usually necessary, and the process can be complicated depending on the size and shape of the keychain.

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