The Weirdest Things Men Have Put Their Penis In

The Weirdest Things Men Have Put Their Penis In

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Men will always be men is a common phrase that is used to explain the stupid actions than men get involved sometimes. Well, when men are sexually frustrated they may engage in dumb actions that are propagated by rushy decisions that can drag them into a messy situation. Some incidents have been reported all over the online platform about men who shoved their penis in weird places. Read on and find out.

Vacuum cleaner

All along we know that vacuum cleaners are used in cleaning the carpets and the households. However, there was a scenario of a man who injured his genitals by involving a vacuum cleaner.

This occurred after he inserted his penis in a hole to spice his masturbation. However, things got a nasty and his penis got stuck in the vacuum cleaner under the hose where it is attached to the dust collection bag. The results were devastating since he ended up losing half an inch of his penis which prompted immediate surgery.

In a toaster

Wait, imagine your penis stuck in a toaster! That is shocking right? An unidentified man from London decided to consolidate himself during a cold day with a toaster. He got his penis stuck in a toaster as he was trying to engage in an imaginary sexual pleasure. However, things got really bad and he had no option but to seek help. The fire brigade had to intervene to free him from that situation but he had to pay some good money for the service.

In between the cushions

Cushions have also been identified as some of the strangest places than men have stuck their penis. A young energetic man made a confession that when he was a teenager he used to use cocoa lotion without the knowledge of his parent to lubricate the cushion so that he could insert his penis between the space.

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In a pipe

A Chinese painter who loved to paint when he was nude found himself in an uncompromising situation whereby his penis got stuck in the pipe. This happened when he was on his daily errands when he slipped and fell into an air conditioning pipe. He chose to stay cool on the issue because he thought no one would believe his side of the story. However, after lying there for a couple of days he became sick and he had to call for help. The doctor examined the situation and involved the fire brigade who carefully cut the pipe and they successfully freed his penis.

Kitchen counter

It is so amazing that someone can get intimate with a kitchen counter. Well, the unidentified man shocked many people after he admitted that he admired the smooth surface of the kitchen cabinet and he would put lube around it and start inserting his penis in the smooth marble. This went on but unfortunately, his penis got stuck.

Teddy bear

It is common practice for parents to buy a teddy bear for their kids. However, there is one naughty kid who drilled a hole in the teddy bear and he could insert his penis. This went on for some time until his penis got stuck in the teddy bear which shocked his parents.

In the swimming pool

A 33year old man was enjoying swimming in the pool when he found himself in an uncompromising situation. His penis got stuck in a cleaning filter probably because of the suction that the filters create. Therefore, the swimming pool attendant had to call for help after which it involved some medics and police and the whole process took approximately one hour to free his penis from the filter.

Beer Bottle

Loneliness can make a mad grow wild when his sexual pleasures are not met. A 50-year-old man is reported to have stuck his penis in a beer bottle. After consuming his beer he decided to quench his feelings by inserting his penis in the bottle after which it got stuck inside. This prompted an immediate surgery to be performed to free his penis.

The doctor confirmed that his penis was damaged and it had to be amputated. He acknowledges the man’s loneliness to be a contributing factor because he wanted to relieve his sexual frustration but he had no girlfriend to meet his needs.

These are some of the scenarios that are breathtaking and they are among the weirdest places a man can stick his penis in.

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