The Most Unusual Penile Insertions You Won’t Believe Exist

The Most Unusual Penile Insertions You Won’t Believe Exist

Unusual Penile Insertions

Men and Their Bizarre Sexual Curiosities

“Men will be men” often explains the odd actions men sometimes engage in like Unusual Penile Insertions. When sexually frustrated, men might make rash decisions, leading to messy situations. Many incidents have been reported online about men who shoved their penises into weird places.

Read on to discover these bizarre stories:

Vacuum Cleaner Mishap

We all know vacuum cleaners are for cleaning carpets and households. However, one man decided to use his vacuum cleaner for something else entirely. Seeking to spice up his masturbation, he inserted his penis into the vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, things went horribly wrong. His penis got stuck in the vacuum cleaner’s hose, attached to the dust collection bag. The results were devastating; he lost half an inch of his penis and needed immediate surgery.

Toaster Trouble

Imagine getting your penis stuck in a toaster! An unidentified man from London decided to seek warmth and pleasure with a toaster on a cold day. In an attempt at imaginary sexual pleasure, he got his penis stuck in the toaster. Things went from bad to worse, and he had no choice but to seek help. The fire brigade had to intervene to free him, costing him a significant amount of money for their service.

Between the Cushions

Cushions have also been identified as some of the strangest places men have stuck their penises. A young man confessed that, as a teenager, he used cocoa lotion without his parents’ knowledge to lubricate the cushions. He would then insert his penis between the spaces in the cushions for pleasure.

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Stuck in a Pipe

A Chinese painter, who loved to paint in the nude, found himself in a compromising situation. His penis got stuck in an air conditioning pipe while he was working. The incident happened when he slipped and fell into the pipe during his daily errands. He chose to stay quiet about the issue, thinking no one would believe his story. After a few days, he became ill and had to call for help. A doctor examined him and involved the fire brigade, who carefully cut the pipe to free his penis successfully.

Kitchen Counter

It’s astonishing how someone could get intimate with a kitchen counter. An unidentified man shocked many by admitting his fascination with the smooth marble surface of his kitchen cabinet. He would apply lube around it and begin inserting his penis into the smooth marble. Unfortunately, one day, his penis got stuck, requiring medical intervention.

Teddy Bear

Parents often buy teddy bears for their children. However, one mischievous kid drilled a hole in his teddy bear and inserted his penis. This bizarre activity continued for some time until his penis got stuck in the teddy bear. His parents were understandably shocked when they discovered what had happened.

In the Swimming Pool

A 33-year-old man found himself in a compromising situation while enjoying a swim. His penis got stuck in a cleaning filter, likely due to the suction it created. The pool attendant had to call for help, involving medics and police. The entire process took about an hour to free his penis from the filter, leaving him embarrassed and in pain.

Beer Bottle

Loneliness can drive a man to desperate measures when his sexual needs are unmet. A 50-year-old man inserted his penis into a beer bottle after consuming his drink. He sought to relieve his sexual frustration, but his penis got stuck inside the bottle. Immediate surgery was required to free his penis. Unfortunately, the damage was so severe that it had to be amputated. The doctor acknowledged the man’s loneliness as a contributing factor to his desperate action.

Glass Jar

In another strange incident, a man inserted his penis into a glass jar. He believed the smooth interior would provide pleasure. However, the jar created a vacuum seal, trapping his penis inside. The pressure caused intense pain and swelling. Medical professionals had to carefully break the jar to release his penis without causing further injury.

Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are for cleaning, but one man used his for something entirely different. Seeking to enhance his masturbation experience, he inserted his penis into the vacuum cleaner’s hose. The suction was too strong, and his penis got stuck. He lost half an inch of his penis and needed immediate surgery to repair the damage.

Soda Can

A man once inserted his penis into a soda can, believing its cold surface would enhance his pleasure. However, the sharp edges of the can caused cuts and severe pain. Medical professionals had to carefully remove the can and treat the injuries to prevent infection.

Plastic Bottle

Another man inserted his penis into a plastic bottle, thinking it would provide a unique sensation. The narrow opening caused his penis to swell and get stuck. He needed medical assistance to remove the bottle without causing further damage.

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Vacuum Cleaner Mishap

In one horrifying incident, a man used a vacuum cleaner for self-pleasure. The powerful suction caused his skin to tear, leading to severe pain and bleeding. He required immediate surgery to repair the damage, losing half an inch of his penis in the process. This incident underscores the dangers of using household appliances for sexual purposes.

Botched Circumcision

A routine circumcision can turn nightmarish if performed incorrectly. One man experienced this firsthand when a botched circumcision resulted in excessive bleeding and infection. The procedure, intended to be simple, led to significant pain and medical complications. Doctors had to perform multiple corrective surgeries to address the damage.

Zipper Accident

Zippers are a common source of painful penis injuries. One particularly severe case involved a man who caught his foreskin in his zipper. The sharp metal teeth tore the delicate skin, causing intense pain and bleeding. Emergency medical treatment was required to safely remove the zipper and repair the injury.

Dog Bite Incident

In a bizarre and tragic event, a man’s penis was severely injured by a dog bite. The incident occurred when the man was playing with his pet, and the dog unexpectedly bit him. The bite caused deep lacerations and significant tissue damage. Emergency surgery was necessary to reconstruct the injured area and prevent infection.

Piercing Gone Wrong

Body piercings can lead to serious complications if not done correctly. One man decided to get a penis piercing, but the procedure went horribly wrong. The piercing caused an infection that spread rapidly, resulting in severe pain and swelling. He had to undergo emergency surgery to remove the piercing and treat the infection.

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