The weirdest things men have done to their penis

The weirdest things men have done to their penis

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There is no doubt that men are very curious, they always invent all kinds of things to do in their penis, many of these things are really very strange.

The penis is used for many things, or so most men believe, since they do many strange things with their reproductive limb. Men can roll up their penis with any object, play or even do something unimaginable.

Because these things are extremely strange, we will leave you with a list of the strangest and most unimaginable things a man has done in his penis.

Moving the testicles

This fact, considered very strange, was shared by Pete, who indicates that he read online about pushing the testicles into the body.

Because of the great curiosity this can exert on a man, Pete dared to try it immediately, even though it seems literally out of place.

However, he panicked because the testicle did not come out immediately. It is logical that he was afraid, since the testicle could get lost in the body. Also, it’s a bit of a painful and crazy experience.

weirdest things of men

Discovering the pleasure of masturbation for the first time

Tim, 30, shared this unique experience.

As we well know, the pleasure of masturbation is not really a rare thing. It’s something we all do, but pleasure can be very exciting when you discover masturbation, and it can force you to do anything to masturbate.

Tim explained that when he discovered masturbation, he loved the pleasure he felt, but he couldn’t go to the store to buy the cream to comfortably masturbate. And, of course, I couldn’t tell anyone to buy the cream, because they would find out.

Due to this problem, Tim was forced to use soap to masturbate, which caused serious damage to the skin, since the skin is sensitive and dries when this product is applied in excess. Even a layer of skin on his penis fell, like a snake changing his skin. This strange experience happened to Tim while he was at the cinema. Tim was scared, but kept watching the movie.

Caused by hormones and curiosity

Being in the puberty stage is often difficult for many teenagers, because at this stage the hormones are agitated, causing a great sexual desire. This sexual desire can lead to doing strange things.

Jason was a victim of the hormonal attack and admits that he had a strong sexual desire. But this was the opposite, Jason was obsessed with his own genitals, so he wanted to use the penis with it.

This forced him to do something quite strange, he tried (for an unspecified time) to put his penis in his butt. Yes, I know, it’s very strange.

He did this when he was home alone, Jason explained that his parents had gone on a trip, although he also explained that he was not doing it because he wanted to have sex with himself, he just wanted to know if he could put his penis in his butt.

Pissing and literally doing an experiment

Zack tells us his experience, which could literally be based on a rare experiment, although in reality it is not an experiment.

He explained that when he entered the public toilets, and these toilets were completely empty, while he urinated he walked backwards, his goal was to know how far he could go while he urinated.

Although he did not share the result of his “experiment”, this is really strange.

Very strong penis

Can you imagine a penis strong enough to lift an elephant? Well, that’s what this “fact” is about.

Jeff shared his mischievous story, where he said he explained to his school friends that the penis is strong enough to lift an elephant.

This is hard to believe, but some of that is true, because it says that the penis has muscles, but cannot lift an elephant.

This is something very crazy or fun to believe. However, he also concluded that he had not tried.

A very crazy girlfriend

Eric explains that his first girlfriend thought the penis was elastic. She is so wrong, just because she can stretch to a certain limit does not make it elastic.

Although the strange experience was that his girlfriend tried to tie him with his penis. Something very uncomfortable.

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