Weird Things Guys Do With Their Penis

Weird Things Guys Do With Their Penis

Weird Things Guys Do With Their Penis | Penis Development Guide

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We all have these habits that we don’t tell everyone about. However, there are many things a man can do with his penis, the vast majority of which you may not know

Believe it or not, you can do different things with your penis, even though you don’t talk about it. So, that said, the penis not only has a function. 

The vast majority of them are certainly very strange, but it must be stressed that they are personal things. That is why these things are hardly ever spoken about.

Here is a list of the things a man does with his penis: 

Play with his penis

All men have ever played with their penis, this is because the penis is like a toy to them. Strangely enough, it’s true. Men have looked, touched, and even looked from different perspectives. Whether it’s in a mirror, or taking pictures of themselves.It is also likely that they have placed it in different positions.

Sometimes they hide it

As already mentioned, men can place their penis in different positions, sometimes because they want to hide them.To hide it they simply place it backwards, this is usually done when they put on those tight pants.

Weird Men

They put different objects on it

Whether it is some socks or any other object that is comfortable for the penis.  They do this when they simply do not have the ideal sex toys to achieve satisfaction, nor does a woman. That said, men should look for ways to satisfy the penis.

The Helicopter

You may ask yourself, what is the helicopter? Believe it or not, it’s one of the things men do with their penis.  You just have to imagine. They do this by pushing their hips in a quasi-circular motion that makes the penis rotate like a helicopter’s propeller. Well, yeah, this is really weird.

Squeezing the penis (literally) to control the drip

This happens when they are urinating, well really when they have just peed.  When they finish urinating, there are always a few drops left inside the penis, these drops can escape at any time and consequently get dirty underwear. However, there is a solution for this.  There are different techniques that men usually use to deal with these drops. Some are more effective than others.

One of them is to shake the penis or beat it, but this will make the drops dirty other things or even clothes.  Another method is to use toilet paper, this method could be quite good, the negative part is that sometimes this paper can get stuck on the penis. Another method is to stroke it to get all the drops out.  And finally the simplest and most effective method is to lift the testicles and push back while shaking it.

They measure it constantly

The man is very curious to know his size, or the length of his penis. Although it is not really strange to want to know your size, but measuring it in itself is already very different.  Many men not only use the tape measure to order something, they can also use it to measure the size of their penis, although a basic rule also works.  It’s important to note that in addition to measuring their penis, there are times when men compare it to other penises.

They give it a nickname

Even if he won’t admit it, the man gives his partner a nickname.  At some point in a man’s life, they are going to give his penis a nickname, as time goes by some forget it but others don’t.   This will never be admitted because both the name and this way of treating the penis, can be humiliating for the man.

They use strategies to hide the penis when it is erect

Men find it uncomfortable when they are in public and do not want their penis to be noticed. They use strategies to do this.  The strategy is based on placing the penis in a position where it is impossible for it to be noticed. They can place it totally upwards or downwards, some even place it on its side.  This strategy leaves room for the penis to expand without being noticed. But this also depends on the type of trousers or size. In addition, there are cases where the penis can escape through the top of the pants, and this could be very uncomfortable.  Another strategy is to place any object in your pockets, even your hand, to lift the pants in that part and make people think that it is the hand that is lifting the pants.

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