The Weirdest Things Men Have Shoved Up Their Urethra

The Weirdest Things Men Have Shoved Up Their Urethra

Weirdest Things of Men | Men Shaved Urethra

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What were the weirdest things that men did with their penises centuries ago? Knowing how developed the sexual industry is in the 21st century, they do not look so weird nowadays. Someone shoved up their cock to look more attractive, someone tried to enlarge their manhood using experimental self-made devices. But that doesn’t compare to what men do today with their penises. Let’s face it, sex topic is exploited nowadays a lot, people become more sex oriented and addicted, they talk more open about sex as a way of exploiting their bodies, and they buy sophisticated sex toys for reaching supreme orgasmic pleasure. They have a fancy imagination and a perv thinking that make them want to try dirty positions and do dirty stuff in bed with their partners. Common traditional pleasures have hardly any effect now, people become numb to them as they seek to exploit their bodies even more using powerful stimulation devices and other weird practices. Men also love to experiment on their bodies and sometimes it doesn’t lead to anything good, making medical implication the only way to save them. Here are some objects that were removed from penises that defy imagination.


What can you do with a pair of tweezers, besides removing hair? A Saudi man thought a lot about this question and came up with a brilliant idea supposing that they might be inserted in penis. Nobody knows what led him to such idea, probably he was intoxicated or sexually curious, which made him eager to know how it would feel to have a 3-inch metal device deep down along your shaft. May be he expected it to provide a hardcore stimulation of his cock that would bring him pleasure. Against his expectations, the experience turned to be awful. He struggled with horrible pain and couldn’t pee as the forceps ocuppied a significant area of the urethra, making it hard for the urine to move. Luckily, the doctors managed to remove the metal thing from the man’s penis, and they even did it without surgery. The doctors gave him an anaesthetic and using the external pressure technique, forced the tweezers out.

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Phone cables

What can help your sexual tension go away, if you are extremely horny and masturbation doesn’t help? Some men choose, in such cases, to use extreme methods for reaching supreme sexual gratification. Generally, these are objects that are always at hand such as a phone cable. Cables are slim enough to get through the urethra channel, but once they are pushed inside they cause severe pain instead of sexual pleasure. Sometimes the cable can get knotted inside which makes its removal an even harder task.


Another object that men put in their penises is hooks. Unlike telephone cables, hooks have a curved head at the top that men deem an additional enhancer of stimulation. Many believe that the curved head creates more pressure against the interior walls of the penis increasing the stimulation and providing more pleasure. But unfortunately this very curved tip creates more problems when stuck inside the male organ, as its enlarged shape makes it hard to remove the hook as it rubs against the walls of the urethra increasing the friction and causing more pain.


Sometimes the finger is not the right place to put a ring. Some men put the ring on their shafts trying to use it for autoerotic or increasing the pleasure while masturbating, or even in a sex play with their partner as a mean of teasing the male’s private part and check it for its endurance. In most cases, this playful act that happens in the heat of passion when nobody thinks of the consequences ends in the hospital. Men experience severe pain especially during erection, and the most safe way of removing the ring is by a doctor who cuts it, most of the times, rather than trying to pull it out using force.


This one defies the wildest imagination. Some men push screws far inside their shaft hoping to get an insane pleasure. Several cases were reported in China and in the USA when men inserted medium-size and large screws in their penises. There was the craziest one who was so sexually aroused that one or two screws were not enough for him, so he pushed up deep inside his urethra 9 screws.

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