Weird Things A Penis Does

Weird Things A Penis Does

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A penis is a vital body organ that plays different roles in the body. However, there are times when your penis will behave weirdly. This can make you think that you have a health complication and even seek medical attention. But some of these weird things that your penis does are normal, and you shouldn’t worry about them. Talk to your fellow men, and you will be surprised that almost everyone experiences what you are going through. So what are the everyday weird things that your penis does?

Shrinking when cold

Every man will experience this when they expose their penis to cold air or water. The only cause of this is the contraction due to low temperatures, and it will have nothing to do with medical issues. Your scrotum contracts when temperatures are low, causing your penis muscles also to contracts, thus the shrinking you experience. When you wear your clothes back, and there is warmth, your penis will expand back to its standard shape and size. All these happen to protect sperm as they can only survive under particular temperatures.

Late ejaculate and urine leaks

You will notice that even after shaking your penis well after urinating, a few drops will always fall to your trousers when leaving the washrooms. This is just because a few drops of pee will be left in the urethra, and gravity force will force them out when you start walking. However, if your stream is weak, you will suffer from this more, and medical attention will be needed. A weak stream will leave more drops in the urethra, making you experience more leakage that can wet your trousers. The same thing will happen after ejaculating. You will notice some leaks a few minutes after the act. But ejaculate leaks will take a longer time to come out as the semen will be denser than urine.

Weird Things Of Men

Morning erection

There are times when you will wake up in the morning and find your penis erect even when you are not aroused. This is because your body will produce more testosterone during the night. To some men, this can also happen during midday when you are driving or chilling out.

Shooting the urine at a strange angle

When you visit urinal in the morning or after ejaculating, your urine might shoot out at a strange angle that is unpredictable. This will happen due to the little semen that is left in the urethra after ejaculating. The sperm blocks the urine, forcing it to come out at a higher pressure, thus causing the strange angle. The urine stream should come back to normal after a few seconds, but if it does not, it may mean something else. It can be a sign of STD, and the only thing you can do is to visit a doctor.

Becoming larger or little when erect

Your penis can become large or small when erect, and all of them are normal. There are some which will be long and hard, others short and thick. All these are genetic, and there is nothing to worry about. Whichever way your penis will behave, don’t be shy or feel weird. Ask around, and you will notice that many men are like you.

Experiencing wet dreams

Wet dreams will occur due to high levels of testosterone levels in your body. Young men will produce more testosterone when asleep, and this is why they are most likely to experience wet dreams than older men. Wet dreams are normal, and they will occur to empty your testicles and create more space for fresh sperm.

Failing to get hard during sex

Among the weird things that your penis cannot do, this can make you feel that there is something wrong with you. This problem is also referred to as situational erectile dysfunction, and it will occur due to anxiety and stress. If it becomes a challenge for you to control the situation, you can contact a doctor, and they will prescribe some drugs for you. The drugs will help you to regain your confidence.

Your penis will do many weird things, and you don’t have to worry about them. Some are normal, and others will be a minor health complication. If you feel that there is something wrong contact a doctor.  Now folks not only can you make your penis squirt but there are all types of things you can learn at the School of Squirt.

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